The High Cost Of Organic SEO

The High Cost Of Organic SEO

A discussion of​ the​ going high prices of​ having your site subjected to​ “organic SEO’ and whether or​ not it​ is​ just as​ well for you​ to​ search engine optimize your site yourself.

If you​ have been surfing around on​ the​ Internet looking for information on​ SEO you​ have probably noticed that professional SEO experts have gone wild trying to​ push something called Organic Search Engine Optimization on​ you. These companies usually offer an​ all in​ one umbrella service to​ optimize your site including design,​ content and keyword searches. These companies,​ that are found on​ Jeeves,​ Google and Yahoo promise that their services can help you​ be found organically by people looking for your site in​ the​ search engines.

This is​ not really that impressive as​ an​ organic search engine result can be simply defined as​ a​ listing in​ a​ search engine that you​ did not have to​ pay for. This was the​ original purpose of​ SEO in​ the​ first place. However nowadays almost all of​ the​ search engines offer businesses the​ option of​ paying to​ get an​ ad listed whether it​ be through a​ direct purchase or​ through a​ program like Google Adwords.

Is this money well spent? First of​ all some studies have shown that only about thirty percent of​ people will click on​ those paid search engine listing simply because they are seen as​ less credible then the​ ones that rose naturally to​ the​ top in​ the​ search engines. Although this makes a​ case for spending money on​ organic SEO you​ may also be shocked to​ learn that the​ cost of​ applying SEO to​ even the​ smallest of​ websites is​ usually about $10,​000. What is​ incredible about this price is​ that you​ can usually do what they are going to​ for your site yourself – especially if​ you​ are in​ the​ first stages of​ designing your site. They will simply look up keywords,​ apply them to​ metatags and your content as​ well as​ make sure that your website is​ more functional. Perhaps the​ best situation in​ which to​ spend this type of​ money on​ SEO would actually be in​ the​ beginning stages of​ your web design so that you​ can avoid costly SEO overhauls of​ your site in​ the​ future.

The High Cost Of Organic SEO

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