The Hidden Benefit Of Computer Certifications

The Hidden Benefit Of Computer Certifications

The Hidden Benefit Of Computer Certifications
The web is​ covered with stories regarding the​ benefits of​ professional computer certification,​ and most of​ them are backed up with salary surveys and the​ like .​
While there’s certainly nothing wrong with making more money and having better job prospects,​ there’s one benefit of​ certification that many candidates forget about.


You can’t pay your rent with confidence you can’t pay for gas with confidence you can’t pay for ANYTHING with confidence,​ right? So who cares,​ right?

Wrong .​
the​ confidence you build from truly earning a​ certification,​ whether it’s an​ MCSE,​ CCNA,​ or​ CCIE,​ cannot be purchased,​ borrowed,​ or​ stolen .​
It has to​ be earned.

What do I​ mean by truly earned? First,​ I’m referring to​ those little documents out there generally referred to​ as​ braindumps .​
If you buy one of​ these things and happen to​ skate by a​ certification exam,​ did you learn anything? No .​
Did you learn anything? No .​
Are you going to​ be effective on​ the​ job? No .​
As I​ tell my students,​ when you’re standing in​ front of​ a​ server or​ router that isn’t working,​ and all eyes are on​ you to​ troubleshoot the​ problem,​ the​ correct answer is​ not B .​
There is​ no multiple choice.

Secondly,​ I’m referring to​ the​ hope that the​ certification you earn was earned by taking a​ demanding exam.

Now,​ you’re probably thinking okay,​ Chris has lost his mind .​
I​ should HOPE the​ test is​ demanding?

Yes,​ you should .​
There’s nothing more useless than earning a​ certification that’s easy to​ get .​
There’s no feeling of​ pride,​ of​ achievement furthermore,​ if​ everyone else has that certification,​ what value does it​ have?

I can speak from experience on​ this one .​
Those of​ you relatively new to​ the​ field may never have used NT 4.0,​ but the​ MCSE NT 4.0 was the​ certification that ended up causing a​ lot of​ damage to​ the​ value of​ professional certifications .​
EVERYBODY had one .​
the​ tests were repetitive and far too simple,​ there were no simulation questions,​ and the​ exams required no real hands-on experience.

As a​ result,​ my MCSE NT 4.0 had little value .​
I​ also felt no sense of​ pride in​ achieving it.

Thankfully,​ exam vendors and authors seem to​ have learned their lesson .​
Cisco exams are not easy to​ pass,​ and the​ initial Cisco certification,​ the​ CCNA,​ demands hands-on knowledge and experience .​
Microsoft is​ (finally) adding simulator questions to​ their certification exams as​ well,​ and the​ MCSE exams have gotten tougher as​ well.

So if​ you should happen to​ fail an​ exam along the​ way to​ the​ top – and almost all of​ us do – just keep in​ mind that if​ the​ exams were not demanding,​ they would have no value .​

After all,​ if​ it​ were easy,​ everyone would be doing it!

The Hidden Benefit Of Computer Certifications

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