The Heel Toe Weighting Concept For Golf Putters Is Here To Stay

The Heel Toe Weighting Concept For Golf Putters Is Here To Stay

The TOWD (True Orbit Weighting Dynamics) design family of​ putting instruments are for those players seeking an​ advanced skill level. By inducing a​ precise and repeatable putting stroke,​ through a​ near perfect arced pendulum effect,​ with a​ consistent,​ passive face rotation,​ the​ TOWD putters generate optimal passive feel,​ making TOWD putters the​ most advanced and easiest to​ use putting instruments in​ the​ game. Playing on​ undulating greens,​ of​ variable speed,​ the​ feel from TOWD putting instruments for rolling the​ ball,​ making meticulous strokes of​ exact distance and line control is​ without equal.

The more you use a​ TOWD,​ the​ more it​ becomes an​ extension of​ your anatomy and the​ more precise and confident your putting evolves,​ until a​ kind of​ awakening develops as​ you line-up your putts. Putting as​ artistry,​ through science,​ is​ now yours. You only need to​ focus on​ the​ read and the​ speed. Mechanics become a​ reliable memory.

These putters employ high density Toe High/Heel Low™ masses which move with virtually equal inertia. a​ dynamic never before achieved in​ head design. a​ movement dynamic that once experienced,​ is​ the​ new standard,​ satisfying the​ most demanding requirements of​ any accomplished player. These putters “know” what to​ do because they are designed to​ take advantage of​ the​ subtle yet complex physics of​ putting dynamics. Putting tools that help guide the​ user to​ proper swing mechanics. There is​ no need to​ manipulate the​ head to​ overcome unfavorable inertial forces. the​ feeling is​ one of​ a​ more passive stroke where the​ putter seems to​ do all the​ work. Resulting in​ the​ most solid feeling and repeatable putting stroke a​ player could experience. Physics and bio-mechanics evolve into what the​ user experiences as​ artistry and feel. the​ guess work and doubt of​ what the​ putter might do,​ disappears,​ leaving you to​ properly concentrate on​ the​ ball and the​ green. Demystifying the​ stroke,​ the​ mystery is​ now our advantage.

It is​ well accepted that heel/toe weighting in​ putter heads has been the​ most significant advancement in​ putter design technology since its creation. the​ majority of​ the​ best putters made over the​ last 4 decades incorporate this design feature in​ some way. it​ is​ a​ superior element to​ creating a​ “forgiving” roll,​ with a​ greater transfer of​ inertia at​ impact. Yet traditional heel/toe weighting has limitations. It’s purpose is​ to​ create stability at​ impact and does not address the​ effects of​ movement dynamics throughout the​ stroke. the​ TOWD has overcome those limitations through a​ vast improvement,​ Toe High/Heel Low™ weight dynamics,​ creating the​ most advanced,​ dynamic putter design available.

The common heel/toe configuration in​ putter heads,​ has those masses moving parallel to​ the​ ground through the​ stroke. However,​ the​ shaft and swing plane move on​ an​ incline through the​ stroke,​ anywhere from 10 to​ 23 degrees or​ more away from 90 degrees vertical. (The rules of​ golf require this.) Naturally,​ the​ putter moves through the​ stroke on​ an​ incline plane,​ inducing a​ small horizontally arced swing path. as​ the​ putter is​ moved in​ the​ back swing,​ the​ head naturally moves inside the​ target line and the​ putter face swings open in​ relation to​ that line. Ideally,​ the​ face stays perpendicular to​ the​ swing path arc throughout the​ swing. the​ face opens and then sequentially shuts,​ back to​ square. at​ impact,​ the​ toe mass must move at​ a​ greater velocity than the​ heel mass to​ get the​ face to​ square at​ impact. the​ toe mass is​ further out from the​ center of​ rotation of​ the​ swing arc than the​ heel,​ so the​ toe must travel a​ greater distance,​ at​ a​ higher velocity to​ get back to​ square. This heel/toe velocity differential varies with the​ different length strokes required for each putt as​ well,​ making a​ repeatable,​ precise club face squaring at​ impact,​ much more of​ a​ challenge than it​ need be. the​ TOWD design eliminates this problem once and for all.

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