The Front Page H1 SEO Trick

A description of​ how a​ font that is​ size H1 can be part of​ a​ good SEO strategy as​ the​ search engine spiders consider keywords in​ that font to​ be more important.

If you​ want to​ search engine optimize your web page keywords using fonts then you​ might want to​ consider using the​ web design software Front Page to​ design your site. as​ you​ may or​ may not know,​ search engine spiders look for a​ block of​ a​ text when they are indexing your site. the​ theory is​ that when they find a​ keyword or​ a​ phrase in​ font that is​ written in​ an​ H1 size that it​ will consider that word or​ phrase to​ be of​ the​ most importance and index it​ accordingly in​ the​ search engine’s database.

In this particular instance your SEO strategy would be to​ first of​ all make sure that you​ are using Front Page to​ design your pages in​ the​ first place and second of​ all make sure that you​ have titles using the​ H1 header as​ part of​ your web copy somewhere on​ the​ page.

Are there any drawbacks to​ this strategy of​ using the​ H1 font? First of​ all it​ is​ considered to​ be a​ large (and some would say quite ugly) font. Although it​ has a​ great positive impact on​ the​ search engines,​ human beings seeing this might think that you​ have very bad taste in​ web design. the​ problem with fonts that are too big on​ a​ page is​ that they look like a​ five year old designed them. Oversized headers simply look immature.

This means you​ need to​ use these H1 Front Page style fonts sparingly if​ you​ want to​ make a​ positive impression on​ your customers. This of​ course also forces you​ to​ choose just one or​ two really good key words or​ key word phrases to​ describe your site that hopefully in​ turn will be picked up by the​ search engine spiders when it​ comes time to​ index your site for the​ search engine page rankings.

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