The Five Things You Must Do To Housebreak Any Dog In A Hurry

The Five Things You Must Do To Housebreak Any Dog In A Hurry

1. Correct the​ dog any time he has an​ accident in​ the​ house. Keep him confined to​ either a​ crate,​ or​ a​ dog run outside when you​ can't supervise him.

2. Praise the​ dog anytime he eliminates outside.

3. Establish a​ specific spot,​ and a​ command you​ repeat (such as​ "Get busy!") while you're waiting for him to​ eliminate outside.

4. Set up a​ rigorous feeding and watering schedule,​ and take him out immediately after he does both.

5. Use an​ odor neutralizer,​ such as​ a​ product called "Nature's Miracle" (you can buy this at​ your local pet store,​ or​ through a​ mail order catalog.) You'll need to​ make sure that whatever product you're using is​ an​ enzymatic cleaner,​ meaning that it​ actually 'breaks down' the​ urine or​ fecal mater on​ a​ microscopic level,​ rather than just masking the​ scent.

So... now that you​ know WHAT to​ do,​ you're probably asking yourself HOW do I do it? the​ best way to​ actually get your dog housebroken,​ in​ the​ least amount of​ time,​ is​ to​ take a​ look at​ a​ new DVD we've just released called,​ "Housebreaking in​ a​ Hurry!"

I can honestly say that "Housebreaking in​ a​ Hurry!" is​ the​ tool that will allow you​ to​ get your dog housebroken in​ no time at​ all.

It shows:

- How to​ correct your dog when he eliminates in​ the​ house. (You'll see me demonstrating how to​ give a​ motivational correction on​ a​ hungry Rottweiler that's trying to​ get to​ a​ pile of​ hot dogs.)

- the​ proper way to​ size,​ fit and use a​ training collar.

- Which leashes and tabs to​ use.

- the​ best type of​ crate or​ kennel run to​ buy.

- a​ home-made solution you​ can use to​ clean up accidents,​ and actually 'lift' the​ stain out of​ your carpet,​ rather than 'masking' the​ scent.

- How to​ make and use a​ tie-down that will assist in​ your housebreaking efforts.

- How to​ establish an​ 'elimination' command,​ so that you​ can tell your dog where and when it's okay to​ eliminate... even if​ you​ travel or​ move.

- You'll see how Adam's dog 'Forbes' will actually eliminate on​ command!

- How to​ confine your dog,​ so that he doesn't have accidents when you're not around to​ correct him.

- How to​ make your dog understand that eliminating in​ the​ house is​ something he should NEVER DO!

- Three Keys to​ Successful Behavior Modification: Timing,​ Consistency and Motivation. And how to​ use these three keys to​ speed up the​ housebreaking process.

- Tips for housebreaking a​ new puppy.

- Why correcting your dog for submissive urination will actually make it​ worse.

- a​ cleaning solution that many of​ the​ dog training books still recommend that will actually SABOTAGE your housebreaking efforts!

- And much,​ much more

If you​ think that this DVD might help you​ with your housebreaking woes,​ I've got a​ few copies available for $39.97 (plus s/h). in​ fact,​ I'm so confident that this information is​ the​ absolute fastest way to​ get your dog housebroken that I'm willing to​ go out on​ a​ limb and say that if​ this doesn't work,​ then your dog must have a​ bladder or​ urinary tract infection. in​ other words,​ if​ your dog isn't completely housebroken in​ less than 30 days,​ you've got to​ be an​ idiot or​ someone who is​ merely incapable of​ following instructions.

But first let me warn you: This is​ a​ guerilla DVD. if​ you're looking for fancy animations or​ slick scene-to-scene dissolves and special effects... then this DVD is​ not for you. Nor will you​ see dogs or​ puppies that are left in​ the​ house to​ eliminate,​ just so that we could get it​ on​ camera. That would be cruel.

What you​ will see is​ ME explaining what you​ need to​ know in​ order to​ get your dog housebroken,​ quickly. It's as​ if​ you​ were one of​ our clients,​ and I was meeting with you,​ face-to-face and explaining what has worked to​ housebreak literally thousands of​ dogs.

These techniques work! All you​ need to​ do is​ put this DVD into your dvd player,​ follow the​ simple instructions,​ and you'll be able to​ leave your dog in​ the​ house without worrying that he'll defecate or​ urinate on​ your expensive rug or​ new furniture.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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