The First Thing A Dog Owner Needs To Buy

The First Thing A Dog Owner Needs To Buy

Buying a​ collar and lead is​ probably one of​ the​ first things a​ new dog owner does as​ they are a​ necessity for proper control of​ your dog and an​ essential piece of​ equipment when training a​ new dog or​ puppy.

If you​ have a​ puppy then it's likely they will quickly outgrow a​ collar or​ lead,​ so it​ is​ perfectly acceptable to​ buy non-expensive and lightweight equipment during this early stage of​ their life.

Many people like their dogs to​ wear a​ collar all of​ the​ time,​ but some ornamental collars will not stand up to​ a​ sudden movement or​ constant straining. you​ should therefore consider having 2 collars; one for ornamental purposes and another one for training your dog or​ puppy.

Even though puppies get plenty of​ exercise through play you​ should try and get your puppy accustomed to​ wearing their collar and lead at​ the​ earliest age possible.

Even if​ you​ do not intend your dog or​ puppy to​ wear a​ collar all the​ time you​ can buckle a​ light collar around their neck and leave it​ there for a​ number of​ days until your dog or​ puppy ignores its presence.

Do be aware that the​ neck hair of​ a​ long haired dog will be permanently marked if​ it​ wears a​ collar at​ all times so use common sense depending on​ your breed of​ dog or​ puppy.

A bolt and spring clip is​ best on​ the​ end of​ a​ lead and you​ should buy clips where the​ opening does not come at​ the​ point of​ most strain as​ they are liable to​ come apart.

Leather and nylon leads are a​ good choice and although many owners think chains would be stronger they can be very uncomfortable from the​ owner's point of​ view.

If you​ are serious about training then you​ will be using a​ slip collar as​ this will provide you​ with much more control. a​ slip collar consists of​ a​ chain with a​ ring at​ either end,​ the​ chain is​ dropped through one of​ the​ rings to​ form a​ loop,​ which is​ then put over the​ dog's head.

A pull on​ a​ slip collar is​ slightly uncomfortable for the​ dog providing focus for training,​ but when the​ lead is​ slack the​ collar is​ loose. the​ slip collar will only work well if​ the​ collar is​ put on​ correctly so you​ should practice to​ ensure the​ fit is​ best for you​ and your dog.

When using a​ lead take it​ in​ your right hand and ensure your dog walks on​ your left hand side. if​ using a​ slip collar the​ ring through which the​ chain is​ slipping should be underneath. Practice as​ much as​ possible with your collars and leads so that both you​ and your dog or​ puppy become familiar with them and you​ can both use them in​ the​ best possible way.

Once you​ have the​ right equipment you​ can begin basic exercises and lessons to​ train your dog for obedience,​ competitions or​ shows,​ providing pleasure and companionship for you​ and your dog or​ puppy.

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