The Environmental Benefits Of Using Fuel Cleaning Blends

When you​ make a​ decision​ to​ use a​ biodiesel blend in​ your​ vehicles and​ machinery that run on​ gasoline or​ regular diesel fuels such as​ Diesel No. 1 or​ 2, you​ are being proactive about the environment. you​ are being even more proactive if​ you​ use a​ cleaning agent such as​ Fuelboost to​ your​ blend.

First of​ all using biodiesel blends help reduce the unburned hydrocarbons that are often the result of​ using straight diesel. Smog is​ created form unburned hydrocarbons. this​ creates the brown gas you​ see called NOX. if​ you​ also add a​ fuel booster (like Fuel Boost) that is​ designed to​ decarbonizes engines you​ will drastically cut the amount of​ unburned particle matter that you​ discharge into the atmosphere.

Aside from the particulates and​ NOX, the use of​ biodiesel can help cut emissions of​ sulfur oxides by as​ much as​ 8%. The overall emissions of​ methane can be cut almost 3% all just by using biodiesel blends. These might seem like small amounts but it​ matters a​ lot in​ terms of​ the big picture or​ even if​ you​ just happen to​ be operating a​ fleet of​ large vehicles such as​ trucks or​ cruise ships. When it​ comes to​ making an​ initial gesture towards halting global warming, using an​ additive like Fuel Boost is​ definitely a​ start towards optimizing those fuels so that you​ get the most of​ them both in​ terms of​ performance and​ haulage.

if​ you​ are running a​ large operation​ that involves the operation​ of​ a​ lot of​ farm machinery you​ are reducing your​ carbon​ footprint by cutting your​ fuel with biodiesel and​ even more by adding a​ designer fuel boost blend.

When you​ add a​ biodiesel blend to​ your​ engine you​ are reducing your​ carbon​ footprint. in​ fact you​ are giving back more energy to​ the environment. Lifecycle studies about the use of​ biodiesel show that for​ every unit of​ fossil energy it​ takes to​ manufacture fossil fuel, 3.2 units of​ energy are gained. this​ kind of​ lifecycle study would take into account the planting and​ harvesting of​ the soy or​ canola as​ well as​ its transportation, production​ and​ distribution​ to​ the end user.

The overall he overall lifecycle production​ of​ wastewater from biodiesel is​ 79.0% lower than overall production​ of​ wastewater from diesel. to​ put it​ another way, petroleum diesel generates roughly five times as​ much wastewater flow than biodiesel. this​ means that you​ will be polluting the ground and​ oceans less if​ you​ use biodiesel. to​ keep these diesel machines running smoothly and​ reliably so that you​ don’t have to​ rely on​ the “wrong “ kinds of​ polluting fuels in​ various weather conditions you​ should also use Fuel Boost.

Scientific research confirms that biodiesel exhaust is​ less harmful to​ humans then petroleum-based fuel because it​ contains NO aromatic compounds like sculpture. The purer the biodiesel the less likely it​ is​ to​ create the cancer causing compounds polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and​ nitrated PAH compounds. PAH and​ nPAH compounds cause cancer. The best way to​ keep your​ vegetable based fuels running clean is​ to​ use something like Fuel Boost which helps reduce sulfur emissions.

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