The Dog Diet

The Dog Diet

In the​ not-too-distant past,​ Patti Lawson was diet-obsessed. you​ name it-she tried them all.

And so it​ went until a​ little dog taught her some big lessons about life.

Mourning the​ end of​ her latest relationship one winter,​ Lawson was spending most of​ her time at​ home,​ eating every imagin-able comfort food. Until she found herself in​ a​ pet shop adopting a​ puppy.

After a​ few months of​ life with Sadie,​ someone in​ her office asked if​ she had lost weight. What was she doing?

"I blurted out...The Dog Diet...and realized it​ was so true...Sadie had gotten me active,​ helped me eat less,​ and also taught me how to​ lighten my mind...not just my body,​" said Lawson,​ author of​ "The Dog Diet" (HCI Books,​ $16.95),​ an​ award-winning author and trial attorney.

Lawson coined the​ term "dogersise,​" which is​ "anything that gets you​ moving with your dog and helps you​ burn calories,​ have fun and feel better." the​ basis of​ the​ program is​ walking,​ but there are exercises and activities to​ do with your dog.

Lawson also learned that eating certain foods-cottage cheese,​ fruits and veggies-was not only healthy for her but prevented Sadie from begging for scraps (a no-no according to​ her vet).

The Dog Diet

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