The Cost To Rent A Laptop Computer

The Cost To Rent A Laptop Computer

The Cost To Rent a​ Laptop Computer
Laptop computer rental prices vary by length of​ time,​ location,​ specification and product availability .​
Monthly computer rentals cost less per day than daily rentals .​
Typically desktop computers rent for less money than notebook or​ laptop computers.
Period of​ Time – Daily,​ Weekly and Monthly Rates
Monthly rentals typically are around $225,​ but still dependent upon specification,​ availability and delivery location.
In most places,​ computer rental rates are based on​ daily,​ weekly and or​ a​ monthly rates .​
Tech Travel Agents,​ who book computer rental reservations worldwide,​ report that Pentium 4 desktop computer rentals start at​ approximately $149 per week in​ most markets in​ the​ United States and Canada .​
Based upon computer specification,​ availability and location required,​ prices can be 20% to​ 35% lower or​ higher.
Delivery Location: Office Building or​ Convention Center
Business address deliveries are generally less expensive than delivering to​ a​ convention center .​
Often business addresses have close-in parking and easy access to​ the​ delivery / install area .​
a​ convention center complex requires a​ concerted effort from both the​ rental company and the​ company receiving the​ equipment at​ the​ convention center .​
Often convention center deliveries are more time consuming and costly to​ deliver,​ install and pickup afterwards.
Computer Rental Unit Specification
Normally a​ laptop computer rental consists of​ an​ Intel Pentium 4,​ Computer running Windows XP .​
Standard RAM is​ 256 to​ 512mb,​ 30gb or​ larger hard drives .​
Higher computer specifications cost more to​ rent .​
For example: if​ you require advanced graphic cards,​ more ram,​ a​ different operating system or​ software installed,​ computer rental rates will increase.
Be sure to​ include your computer specification,​ delivery location and date/time:
Intel Centrino Wi-Fi Wireless Laptop with Microsoft Windows
Intel Pentium 4 High Value Desktop Computer Rental
Technology Rental Equipment is​ a​ Commodity subject to​ Market Forces
Supply and demand issues come into play in​ the​ computer rental business too .​
Supply can be affected by the​ number of​ competitors and total computer rental units (known as​ a​ rental pool) in​ a​ given market area .​
Having a​ Tech Travel Agent book your technology rental needs means you will always get the​ equipment you need .​
You are not dependent on​ one single equipment vendor .​
Tech Travel Agents obtain equipment via large technology pools from multiple sources across the​ US,​ Canada and Europe.
Upgrade to​ Large Plasma Display Rentals
This century,​ the​ rental industry is​ more complex and dynamic than last .​
New product innovations such as​ 82 plasma flat screen displays,​ and dual core processors,​ are available for rent .​
More complex products mean better corporate events .​
If you are still using an​ old notebook to​ run your PowerPoint presentation,​ consider stepping up to​ the​ most modern technology with products from computer rental firms .​
Rent for Projects and Save
Renting is​ perfect for companies hiring temporary employees,​ attending conferences,​ tradeshows,​ providing computer training and engaged in​ accounting/finance projects .​
These companies realize lower costs,​ less use of​ capital,​ and no maintenance and write-off expenses.
Relax,​ let your Tech Travel Agent handle it!
Enjoy your trade show,​ conference or​ training program.

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