The Case For Self Certification Loans

The Case For Self Certification Loans

The Case For Self Certification Loans
Heres a​ basic scenario thats repeated around the​ country every day:
You have been renting an​ apartment for more than a​ decade .​
The walls are cracked,​ the​ flooring is​ hideous,​ and the​ heater tends to​ quit working at​ the​ most inopportune moments .​
Black mold has invaded the​ crevices of​ your bathtub tile,​ and you're not sure whats growing in​ the​ corner of​ your closet floor amidst the​ dirty shag carpet .​
However,​ your landlord has made it​ perfectly clear that she will not invest money in​ cosmetic changes or​ repairs,​ nor will she allow you​ to​ do so on​ your own.
As a​ result,​ you​ desperately want to​ move out and stop the​ renting cycle; however,​ you​ are faced with what seems to​ be a​ big problem .​
You work out of​ your apartment as​ a​ self-employed performer .​
Though you​ have been able to​ eke out a​ living in​ this artistic field,​ you​ don't exactly have pay stubs and have to​ declare income on​ your annual taxes .​
So how can you​ entice a​ financial institution to​ loan you​ the​ amount needed to​ buy your own place
This scenario may sound a​ bit on​ the​ dire side,​ but its actually quite common and can be overcome thanks to​ self certification loans
Self certification loans are perfect for anyone looking to​ own his or​ her own digs,​ but who is​ self-employed and therefore without annual income verification from a​ third-party .​
Self certification loans allow for those who work for themselves to​ essentially self declare how much they'll make annually or​ how much they expect to​ make; thus,​ they don't need any official pay stubs for a​ bank or​ lender to​ seriously look at​ them as​ a​ borrower.
Of course,​ some self-employed persons choosing self certification loans do opt to​ ask for the​ assistance of​ a​ professional accountant or​ financial planner .​
This can be money wisely spent,​ by the​ way! the​ accountant or​ financial planner can basically verify that the​ borrower is​ going to​ most likely make a​ certain amount of​ money per year; having a​ second verifier enables the​ lending institution to​ be more confident in​ issuing self certification loans.
Yes,​ self certification loans do carry with them higher-than-usual interest rates,​ but thats understandable .​
Because the​ customer is​ essentially on​ the​ hon our system,​ the​ financial institution is​ taking a​ bit of​ a​ risk with self certification loans .​
Consequently,​ with risk come higher interest rates.
However,​ most persons who enjoy borrowing with self certification loans aren't deterred by the​ interest rates associated with the​ self certification loans .​
They are simply elated to​ be able to​ finally own their dream home,​ apartment,​ condo,​ townhouse,​ or​ other dwelling!
No,​ self certification loans aren't for everyone… but they just might be the​ perfect solution for you​ .​
Why not check out self certification loans today the​ time has never been better,​ and interest rates are lower than they've been in​ years,​ thanks to​ international competition for borrowers .​
Get on​ board with self certification loans and become the​ homeowner youve always wanted to​ be.

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