The Bull Y And Strong Dog Staffordshire Terrier

The Bull Y And Strong Dog Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire bulls are known for their great strength because of​ their sizes. Their variety is​ muscular and stocky but is​ also known for their agility. Surprisingly,​ this breed is​ one of​ the​ two breeds recognized by the​ UK Kennel Club as​ very suitable for children. Furthermore,​ their types ranked 5th when it​ comes to​ dog popularity in​ the​ UK,​ where the​ breed originated. Interestingly,​ Staffies are the​ only breed of​ dog that are "totally reliable" when it​ comes to​ standard of​ breed. the​ following are some of​ the​ basic facts breeders would really love to​ know about Staffies:

Category: Terrier

Living Environment: either indoors or​ outdoors

Coat: smooth (or silky like most terriers),​ dense,​ and short

Colors: black,​ brindle,​ red,​ blue,​ fawn; or​ any of​ these colors mixed with white

Height: between 14 and 16 inches

Weight: between 24 and 38 pounds

Colors: brindle,​ blue,​ black,​ red,​ fawn,​ white; or​ any of​ these with white

Temperament: aggressive towards other animals but very friendly with children

Health Issues: heat stroke,​ cataracts,​ and breathing problems

Care and Exercise Tips:

• Bathe when necessary. • Brush their coat only occasionally using a​ brush with firm bristles. • Rub down their coat with a​ chamois or​ towel to​ remove hairs that are loose. • Their physique requires a​ regular exercise routine which includes a​ daily play time while on​ a​ leash. • They should be on​ leash while walking in​ public places. Origin/History:

The Staffordshire bull terriers,​ also known as​ the​ Staffies,​ are known to​ have existed around the​ 17th century. Since dog fighting gained a​ surge of​ popularity over bull baiting,​ it​ became a​ must to​ develop a​ breed of​ dog that is​ agile,​ strong,​ and has a​ more punishing head than the​ Bulldog.

In this light,​ fighting Bulldogs of​ that time were crossed with some terrier blood. the​ hybrid was known as​ the​ Pit Dog or​ the​ Bull and Terrier. the​ new cross breed became well known for their tenacity and courage,​ and despite their reputation of​ being furious with other animals they were excellent companions especially with children.

The Staffie pit dog became a​ favorite of​ steelworkers and miners alike. the​ breed also provided chain makers of​ the​ "Black Country" with extra income when worked against ratters or​ badgers.

The enforcement of​ the​ Humane Act in​ 1835 completely prohibited sports like dog fighting and bull baiting. However,​ a​ group of​ men in​ the​ Staffordshire chose to​ maintain their breed of​ dogs by introducing them to​ the​ show business.

Through the​ years,​ the​ breeders themselves changed the​ name of​ the​ dog into Staffordshire bull terrier to​ differentiate its physique from the​ English bull terrier. However,​ the​ name of​ the​ dog was officially registered only in​ 1935 by the​ American Kennel Club.

In 1938,​ a​ couple of​ Staffies gained popularity as​ Champions at​ the​ Birmingham National. the​ popularity of​ Ch. Lady Eve and were Ch. Gentleman Jim reached many established countries including France,​ Australia,​ Germany,​ Spain,​ Holland and even the​ USA. Since then,​ Staffies became successful as​ show dogs and were very popular as​ compared to​ other terriers.

The Stafford bull terrier,​ yes,​ has become a​ popular pet while still retaining reputations gained through generations of​ fighting dogs bred for tenacity,​ courage,​ agility,​ and most importantly,​ its reliability and great affinity with people especially with children.

And today you​ can say that the​ bull is​ not so bully after all! in​ fact,​ the​ bull is​ totally reliable as​ children's pets.

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