The Boston Terrier A Very Self Sufficient Dog And A Great Family Pet

The Boston Terrier A Very Self Sufficient Dog And A Great Family Pet

The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed the​ American Gentleman because of​ its wonderful,​ gentle disposition and its tuxedo like coat. One of​ the​ few breeds that is​ truly "made in​ the​ USA".

Boston Terriers are rated by the​ American Kennel club as​ one of​ the​ most intelligent breeds of​ dogs; making housetraining simple. Over time,​ they have evolved into a​ gentle breed that is​ content to​ sit on​ your lap and be petted.

Originally bred down in​ size from pit-fighting dogs the​ Boston Terrier was much larger than it​ is​ today,​ weighing up to​ 44 pounds.

It seems difficult to​ believe that these little dogs were once tough pit fighters. the​ Boston Terrier resembles the​ Staffordshire Bull Terrier with its strong fighting instinct. the​ Boston Terriers of​ today are a​ far cry from the​ proud fighting dog of​ the​ past.

The Boston Terrier resulted from a​ cross between the​ English Bulldog and a​ white English Terrier. Around 1870 an​ imported dog known as​ "Judge" was sold to​ Robert.C.Hooper. the​ dog became known as​ "Hooper's Judge" and was a​ prize stud dog who was mated with many females. He was a​ heavy dog weighing in​ at​ 30 pounds. He was bred down in​ size. He is​ believed to​ be the​ ancestor of​ many of​ today’s Boston Terriers.

These offspring were bred with some French Bulldogs and these matings provides the​ foundation for today's Boston Terriers.

In 1889 the​ American Bull Terrier Club was started. in​ it's infancy it​ only had 30 members and called the​ dogs Bull Terriers. in​ 1981 the​ Boston Terriers club was formed to​ showcase these dogs. the​ American Kennel Club only admitted them into their stud books because of​ the​ constant persistance of​ the​ breed fanciers.

In the​ early years,​ the​ color and markings were not as​ important as​ they are today. By the​ 1900's the​ breeds markings and colors were an​ essential part of​ the​ breed feature. According to​ the​ breed standard,​ the​ characteristic markings should be marked white in​ proportion with a​ black,​ brindle,​ seal or​ combination of​ those three. 'Seal' is​ a​ word used to​ describe specifically a​ color found on​ Boston Terriers - a​ black color with red highlights. the​ white should cover the​ chest,​ muzzle and a​ band around the​ neck,​ halfway up the​ forelegs. in​ show dogs,​ symmetrical markings are preferred. a​ new breed of​ colors (red) Boston Terriers is​ not seal.

In comparison to​ other breeds this is​ a​ relatively new breed. Most of​ the​ progress in​ the​ breed has been made in​ the​ 20th Century.

In 1979 the​ Boston Terrier became recognized by state legislature as​ the​ state dog of​ Massachusetts.

The Boston Terrier of​ Today is​ not considered a​ fighting type dog but can hold its own. the​ Boston Terrier makes for a​ wonderful companion for everyone.

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