The Birth And Rising Popularity Of Trading Card Games

The Birth And Rising Popularity Of Trading Card Games

The Birth And Rising Popularity Of Trading Card Games
Just about fifteen years ago trading card games hit the​ world and ever since it​ has remained on​ top with many of​ the​ younger generation people in​ this world .​
Since their invention,​ trading card games have swept across the​ world,​ creating fans at​ every turn .​
The diversity of​ the​ games is​ the​ biggest draw,​ bringing in​ throngs of​ people to​ their ranks every year .​
Clubs and tournaments have sprung up and draw thousands through the​ doors with the​ promise of​ a​ long and grueling match.
The forerunner of​ this phenomenon is​ the​ ever popular Magic the​ Gathering .​
Based largely on​ the​ Dungeons and Dragons role playing game,​ Magic was a​ sure fire hit for the​ young people of​ the​ world .​
Combing all they loved about D and D,​ but in​ a​ much easier to​ use and play format,​ Magic worked its magic with the​ masses and became an​ overnight success .​
People flocked to​ the​ stores to​ pick up the​ cards as​ they were brought out .​
Gaggles of​ teens grouped together to​ play the​ game and stores that dealt with nothing more than Magic cards started to​ open to​ hungry consumers .​
The cards themselves are sold like baseball cards,​ in​ small packs or​ huge sets .​
Everyone is​ interested in​ building their deck to​ the​ maximum power.
Trading card games are still very popular to​ this day .​
Magic still remains a​ force in​ the​ market and enjoys the​ run of​ the​ land .​
They come out with a​ new set of​ cards each year that continue to​ go up in​ price over time .​
Huge collections have been amassed,​ some of​ which have values that exceed any other card game currently known.
The basic premise of​ a​ trading card game is​ simple .​
The cards are made up of​ character cards,​ objects and powers .​
Each person selects the​ deck they will play with and the​ cards are shuffled at​ random before play begins .​
The rest of​ the​ game is​ played similar to​ may other card games,​ where cards are laid out and the​ winner is​ stronger .​
The rounds continue until one or​ the​ other has been defeated .​
The strategy is​ based solely on​ the​ cards that each player has in​ a​ deck .​
For the​ most part the​ players depend on​ the​ strength of​ individual cards in​ the​ deck to​ become the​ winner,​ but in​ the​ end there is​ a​ lot of​ luck that comes into play .​
Because the​ cards are drawn at​ random no player knows what will come next to​ keep it​ all very fair.
Since the​ beginning which is​ commonly attributed to​ Magic,​ more and more companies have joined the​ ranks .​
The ever popular Pokemon was instantly famous with the​ even younger groups .​
Less violent than Magic,​ Pokemon seemed to​ appeal to​ the​ more family friendly crowd .​
Some of​ the​ cards became very rare in​ the​ early goings but can now be had for a​ few dollars or​ less .​
This is​ the​ case with a​ lot of​ the​ different trading card games as​ well .​
Many of​ them started out with a​ lot of​ popularity and because of​ some clever manufacturing,​ a​ lot of​ rare cards .​
This causes the​ price for the​ whole game to​ go up and therefore allows the​ game to​ enjoy a​ thriving secondary market as​ a​ whole.

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