The Benefits That You Can Get From The Blue Card From American Express

The Benefits That You Can Get From The Blue Card From American Express

The Benefits That you​ Can Get From The Blue Card From American Express
Credit cards are one of​ the most important tools modern society has come up with .​
this​ is​ because, with this​ card, you​ will be able to​ purchase the things you​ need even if​ you​ still don’t have the money for​ it .​
Because credit cards are getting more and​ more popular today, credit card companies, such as​ American Express are now designing different kinds of​ credit cards to​ suit different kinds of​ people.
It is​ a​ known fact that American Express is​ one of​ the largest and​ most popular credit card companies in​ the world .​
However, American Express credit cards are also known to​ be very costly that only the wealthy can afford.
However, because of​ increasing competition​ and​ the increasing demand​ for​ credit cards, American Express has designed a​ new kind of​ card that almost everyone can afford .​
this​ kind of​ credit card is​ known as​ the Blue from American Express or​ also known as​ the American Express Blue Card.
Because the rates for​ American Express Blue Card are very affordable, it​ is​ very popular among young adults and​ college students .​
With this​ card, you​ will also be able to​ enjoy numerous benefits that no other card can offer .​
Here are the features that you​ can benefit from American Express Blue Card:
Zero Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – in​ every kind of​ credit card, the Annual Percentage Rate is​ the main​ factor that affects your​ monthly bills .​
Like any other people, you​ want to​ look for​ a​ credit card with low Annual Percentage Rate .​
With the Blue Card, you​ will enjoy zero Annual Percentage Rate for​ the first fifteen months of​ issuance .​
After the fifteen month promotional period, the APR will be at​ 11.99 percent.
Free Additional Cards – in​ regular credit cards, you​ will be charged if​ you​ apply for​ additional cards .​
However, with American Express Blue Card, getting additional cards is​ absolutely free .​
this​ means that you​ can enjoy getting another card without the burden of​ paying extra fees.
Benefits and​ Incentives Sharing – Normally, most regular cards don’t allow sharing of​ benefits and​ incentives .​
There may be some credit cards that allow this​ feature but usually it​ charges extra fees if​ you​ want to​ share the benefits you​ get .​
With American Express Blue Card, you​ will notice that benefits and​ incentive sharing is​ absolutely free .​
So, if​ you​ want to​ share the benefits and​ incentives you​ get with family and​ friends, you​ can conveniently do so at​ no extra fees.
High Credit Limit – Most regular credit cards only offer limited credit limit and​ is​ usually very hard to​ get a​ card with a​ high amount of​ credit limit .​
American Express Blue Card offers up to​ one hundred thousand​ dollars in​ credit limit .​
this​ means that emergency expenses will be very easy to​ pay off with the American Express Blue Card.
Free Credit Reward Program – if​ you​ are a​ holder of​ an​ American Express Blue Card, you​ will be able to​ enjoy signing up with their Free Credit Reward Program .​
With every dollar you​ spend using the American Express Blue Card, you​ will be able to​ accumulate one point that you​ can save and​ use later on​ .​
you​ can convert these points to​ rewards, such as​ travel awards, and​ big discounts on​ purchases.
Security Features – American Express Blue Card is​ integrated with security features that will protect you​ against fraudulent purchases made with your​ American Express Blue Card .​
So, if​ you​ lost your​ American Express Blue Card, you​ will have more peace in​ your​ mind that you​ are protected from identity theft.

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