The Benefits Of Wind Power

We live in​ an​ energy conscious world today and​ more and​ more people are seeking ways to​ reduce carbon​ emissions and​ help protect the environment. Cutting down on​ fossil fuels and​ the use of​ renewable energy is​ a​ key part of​ protecting our planet.

Wind power has emerged as​ one of​ the most effective ways of​ harnessing the Earth's natural resources to​ produce a​ clean form of​ energy that doesn't damage our environment.

As oil prices continue to​ rise and​ pressure mounts to​ cut down on​ carbon​ emissions, the benefits of​ wind power and​ other alternative energy sources are becoming more and​ more apparent.

According to​ experts, wind power could meet 10 per cent of​ the world's electricity within​ 20 years, even if​ the amount of​ electricity used doubled. at​ present, the annual growth rate of​ wind power is​ more than 40 per cent and​ it​ should soon​ supply electricity to​ 100 million​ people worldwide. Europe is​ currently the world leader when it​ comes to​ wind power with Germany and​ Spain​ providing the most electricity through wind power. The United States is​ third on​ the list, followed by India and​ Denmark.

Wind power is​ the fastest growing source of​ alternative energy in​ the United States and​ around the world. Every year, more an​ more households get their electricity through wind power. However, this​ cheap and​ clean source of​ energy is​ still only being used to​ a​ fraction​ of​ its potential. However, this​ is​ likely to​ change in​ the next few years for​ a​ number of​ reasons.

Wind power is​ clean

The chief advantage of​ wind power is​ that it​ is​ clean. There is​ no smoke, no fumes, no smog and​ no dirty air for​ us to​ breath. a​ turbine simply harnesses the energy of​ the wind and​ produces electricity without producing any waste whatsoever.

Wind power can produce electricity that can be fed directly to​ homes and​ factories, replacing the power supplied by major power plants. Today, power plants are among the biggest polluters in​ the United States. However, a​ single 1-MW wind turbine can save on​ 2,000 tons of​ carbon​ dioxide in​ one year. this​ is​ the same of​ planting one square mile of​ forest. and​ that is​ just from one turbine, imagine what one hundred turbines will do to​ help save our environment.

Wind power is​ cheap

Wind is​ free so wind energy is​ cheap. in​ fact, it​ is​ the most competitive of​ all the renewable energy sources when it​ comes to​ cost and​ can easily rival the cost of​ other more tradition​ fuels like gas or​ oil.

Wind power is​ a​ relatively new technology and​ at​ the outset it​ was quite an​ expensive source of​ power. However, developments in​ the technology means that costs have reduced drastically and​ are continuing to​ fall. Meanwhile, the cost of​ power provide by fossil fuels is​ going up so wind power is​ likely to​ become the cheapest for​ of​ electricity in​ the near future. and​ once it​ becomes the cheapest, we can expect to​ see a​ significant rise in​ the number of​ wind farms in​ the United States.

Wind power is​ local

Wind is​ everywhere so there is​ the potential to​ build wind farms anywhere. of​ course, some areas are better than others for​ harnessing wind power but the ability to​ have wind power as​ a​ local source of​ energy is​ a​ real plus. it​ can save on​ miles and​ miles of​ cabling, provide jobs and​ investment in​ local areas, and​ generally boost local economies.

Wind power also benefits society on​ a​ wider level. it​ makes for​ a​ cleaner environment which means healthier people and​ fewer air pollution-related medical problems. it​ can also be put in​ place quickly, cheaply and​ easily to​ deliver a​ reliable source of​ energy in​ a​ relatively short space of​ time.

Wider issues

The future of​ wind power is​ affected by any number of​ larger, global environmental and​ geo-political issues. With world leaders currently developing a​ new agreement on​ how the world is​ going to​ tackle climate change, a​ number of​ major changes can be expected in​ the world's energy supply. a​ move to​ greener, cleaner sources of​ energy is​ inevitable.

this​ signals a​ busy future for​ wind power. at​ the moment we have barely scratched the surface of​ this​ valuable resource. in​ the United States, wind power supplies less than 1 per cent of​ the country's total electricity needs. However, there is​ the potential to​ have 60 per cent of​ electricity supplied by wind power, and​ the figures are similar on​ a​ global scale.

So, in​ the coming years we are likely to​ see the number of​ wind farms around the world rocket as​ more and​ more countries harness this​ clean and​ cheap source of​ electricity.

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