The Benefits Of Water Coolers At Home Or In The Office

Water plays a​ major role in​ keeping your​ body healthy, and​ water coolers can give you​ safe and​ clean drinking water. a​ water cooler is​ a​ device that cools and​ dispenses water whenever you​ need it. Water coolers have become very popular these days, and​ you​ can find them in​ homes, offices, airports, malls, and​ many other places. They are also commonly called dispensers.

Wall mounted water cooler:

The wall mounted water cooler is​ the most common​ water cooler. Here, the cooler is​ connected to​ the water supply and​ electricity is​ used to​ run the refrigeration​ to​ cool the incoming water. The unused water can be disposed of​ in​ the building waste system. this​ kind of​ cooler usually has a​ container in​ the machine which holds the chilled water so that when you​ want some water, you​ just have to​ press the button​ which is​ on​ a​ spring loaded valve, and​ when it​ is​ released the water gets turned off. you​ do not have to​ wait for​ the water to​ come as​ it​ is​ already stored.

Bottled water coolers:

in​ the older version​ the water is​ used directly from the municipal water supply, but these days more emphasis is​ given on​ filtered water. The newer version​ has a​ free-standing design where bottled water is​ used. Here the bottle is​ placed spout down into the dispensing machine. These machines are of​ different sizes and​ vary from table units. The larger version​ can hold a​ bottle of​ up to​ 5 gallons. Depending on​ where it​ is​ needed, you​ can choose the most suitable size. for​ office use the larger one would be more suitable. The refrigeration​ function​ chills the water, but these units do not have a​ place to​ dump excess water, and​ only a​ small basin​ is​ there to​ catch minor spills.

There are coolers which have a​ second dispenser to​ deliver heated water that can be used for​ tea, hot chocolate, instant coffee, etc. They can be quite handy at​ a​ lot of​ places, be it​ at​ home or​ office. Water coolers are quite popular especially with the kids, as​ they simply love to​ have an​ icy cold drink. you​ also do not need to​ keep water in​ the refrigerator as​ you​ can always have chilled water whenever you​ want it. it​ works great in​ an​ outside-enclosed area, like a​ shop or​ shed as​ anybody can just help themselves to​ a​ refreshing drink. Large water bottles are readily available and​ are more economical than buying other drinks, as​ you​ just have to​ refill them when needed. Some bottled water companies even offer filtered drinking water coolers to​ their clients.

Advantages of​ filtered drinking water coolers over bottled water coolers:

The good thing about having filtered water coolers in​ offices is​ that companies can cut their overhead costs without giving up the quality of​ the amenities provided to​ their employees. They can cut the hassles of​ having individual bottles, and​ eliminate their administrative and​ drinking water costs by just investing on​ water coolers which can dramatically improve the taste and​ quality of​ their office drinking water. this​ is​ also more convenient as​ you​ can avoid the hassles of​ having bottled water deliveries once or​ twice per month and​ the possibility of​ running out of​ water. With filtered water coolers you​ can always rely on​ having a​ supply of​ water available.

So free yourself from the risk of​ any water infection​ with clean drinking water that is​ free of​ bacteria and​ algae, and​ get yourself a​ home water cooler! Enjoy a​ chilled glass of​ water on​ a​ hot day and​ a​ refreshing cup of​ tea in​ the morning to​ wake you​ up and​ prepare you​ for​ the day ahead.

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