The Benefits Of A Vertical Wheelchair Lift

The Benefits Of A Vertical Wheelchair Lift

Most of​ us take for​ granted the myriad of​ activities we perform on​ a​ daily basis – walking, running, and​ climbing stairs, among others. But for​ those who face physical challenges on​ a​ daily basis, the most commonplace of​ activities can be either difficult or​ impossible. for​ those who are wheelchair bound, climbing stairs is​ simply out of​ the question​ and​ a​ variety of​ accommodations must be relied upon​ on​ a​ daily basis. While ramps and​ elevators are standard in​ most public buildings today, there often still exists the necessity for​ further equipment to​ help in​ the management in​ stairs. in​ many cases, a​ vertical wheelchair lift can serve an​ enormous benefit for​ those who are physically challenged.

A vertical chairlift is​ either electric or​ hydraulic powered and​ allows those in​ a​ wheelchair to​ stay in​ their wheelchair while being elevated to​ a​ higher level. a​ vertical chairlift can be used in​ a​ variety of​ situations, including in​ the event of​ an​ elevated front porch of​ a​ home, a​ stage in​ an​ auditorium, or​ the interior of​ older public buildings where elevators are too small to​ handle a​ wheelchair. in​ fact, many older buildings – in​ an​ effort to​ comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines – choose to​ install a​ vertical wheelchair lift rather than a​ ramp due to​ its logistical advantages.

There are several different models of​ the vertical wheelchair lift; the enclosed model includes a​ platform on​ which the wheelchair can sit and​ around which walls enclose the area before elevation​ begins. this​ is​ especially useful in​ outdoor areas where changing weather conditions can compromise safety. The shaftway vertical wheelchair lift model fits within​ walls much like an​ elevator and​ can be used in​ both public buildings and​ residential homes. The STAAGE model includes only a​ platform and​ is​ often used for​ shorter elevations such as​ raising a​ wheelchair to​ the height of​ a​ platform or​ handicapped accessible vehicle. an​ OPAL vertical wheelchair lift resembles an​ enclosed model with walls on​ either side but does not feature a​ “ceiling” enclosure.

A vertical wheelchair lift can mean a​ life of​ independence and​ activity for​ those who are physically challenged. Whether it’s installed in​ the interior of​ a​ home or​ put to​ use in​ a​ public building as​ a​ service to​ its guests, a​ vertical wheelchair lift can bring transformation​ to​ many people’s lives.

The Benefits Of A Vertical Wheelchair Lift

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