The Benefits Of Using An Online Freight Loadboard

The benefits of​ using an​ online freight loadboard
for​ those of​ you​ involved in​ the freight industry who have not yet used or​ heard of​ an​ online freightloadboard yet, let me tell you​ that you​ are missing out on​ a​ an​ incredable industry efficiency tool .​
An online freight loadboard is​ just that.. .​
it's an​ online medium through which both carriers and​ shippers can access both freight and​ freight capacity from the comfort of​ their computers in​ order to​ maximise thier haulage/shipping efficiencies .​
Some are fee-based while others are free.
What is​ a​ load board? a​ load board is​ an​ information​ exchange for​ companies in​ the trucking industry .​
a​ load board is​ generally set up for​ shippers, brokers, 3PLs, and​ other intermediaries to​ post loads that need to​ be moved .​
Carriers, owner-operators, and​ trucking companies search on​ load boards to​ find loads when looking for​ backhauls or​ to​ fill otherwise idles trucks .​
The load board serves to​ provide increased efficiency for​ every type of​ company in​ the industry.
in​ some cases load boards also work in​ reverse, allowing the posting of​ available trucks that can be searched by freight load brokers who have loads ready to​ move .​
Load boards today are accessed via the Internet and​ displayed on​ truckstop monitors .​
Load boards are also known as​ Load Matching Sites, Freight Boards, and​ Freight Matching Services.
The primary function​ of​ Posting software is​ to​ streamline the process of​ posting to​ load boards and​ other load matching and​ freight matching services .​
The process of​ posting to​ a​ load board manually is​ tedious and​ time-consuming .​
Some posting software allow its users to​ post to​ more load boards in​ less time .​
this​ allows more time for​ other tasks, increases the number of​ calls received, reduces business costs, and​ increases profits.
User accounts are activated immediately after payment is​ received .​
Users will then gain​ online access to​ a​ secure site and​ can begin​ viewing available freight offers and​ listing their capacity .​
We enforce our terms and​ conditions to​ ensure Membership integrity is​ maintained at​ all times .​
All ground carriers must have a​ MC and/or DOT registration​ .​
Any breach will result in​ a​ account cancellation​ and​ the carrier being removed from the site.
Every extra load you​ move makes a​ difference, so don't let opportunities pass you​ by.
for​ more information​ about this​ online loadbord pleaese visit to​ realise the benfits of​ using an​ online freight loadboard.
Alex Matthews is​ a​ freight industry veteran involved in​ the shipping industry for​ the last 15 years .​
To get additional information​ about using an​ online freight loadboard please contact Alex at​ or​

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