The Benefits Of SEO

The Benefits Of SEO

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It's a​ fancy term that means a​ website is​ user friendly to​ search engines bots. When you​ use SEO on​ a​ site you​ fix the​ site's meta tags,​ title,​ discription,​ and even the​ body of​ the​ index page,​ among other things to​ give the​ bots the​ best possible idea what your page is​ about and how relevant the​ content is​ to​ everything else on​ the​ page.
Most search engines have a​ submission form making it​ easy to​ get you​ listed from a​ few days to​ a​ week and often a​ site with SEO techniques on​ it​ won't matter at​ all for them. you​ won't be at​ the​ top of​ the​ rankings,​ but that's the​ price you'll pay for doing it​ for free and with a​ 2nd tier or​ lower search engine. Even Yahoo has submission forms,​ and now multiple of​ them depending on​ the​ purpose of​ the​ site. Google however,​ has surpassed Yahoo in​ usage,​ making it​ the​ current #1 search engine in​ the​ world,​ so it's really them you​ want to​ be listed in.

Google's search engine bot is​ automated. There are no more manual submissions put into the​ Google index anymore. It's been said using their submission form could take a​ week to​ years to​ getting listed to​ not even at​ all. It's bot crawls the​ internet looking for websites to​ index according to​ their relevancy. as​ it​ combs through your pages it​ looks for words that tell it​ how your site should be indexed and if​ the​ words it​ finds really are what your page is​ about. InBound and OutBound links need to​ be relevant to​ your page as​ well. if​ your site is​ not relevant,​ or​ not relevant enough,​ it​ may move on​ and not list you​ at​ all. So,​ basically,​ Google is​ at​ the​ top of​ the​ mountain and you​ want your site Google bot friendly.

On my first site,​ I thought I had done this correctly,​ but to​ this day it's not listed in​ Google. After having some inspiration for anotehr website I openned a​ new page. I was picky with sites linking back to​ me and careful keeping each page slightly different in​ subject matter,​ but just enough to​ hit other keywords the​ Google bot may like when seeing if​ it​ was relevant. it​ was already preset with SEO as​ a​ habit so when the​ bot came along,​ everything it​ found through the​ SEO,​ it​ would find onsite. Sure enough,​ I was listed very,​ very quickly. Especially when you​ compare it​ to​ the​ zero listings of​ my first site in​ a​ much longer period of​ time.

It's really amazing how quick the​ bots add you​ when it's done correctly. the​ extra time it​ takes to​ make sure everything is​ just right more than makes up for the​ extra time it'll take to​ get it​ listed and indexed the​ hard way.

The Benefits Of SEO

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