The Benefits Of Open Source

The Benefits of​ Open Source
if​ you​ are a​ building a​ website or​ a​ forum, chances are you​ are using a​ web editor or​ paying for​ message board services .​
The costs of​ using these out of​ the box products can add up, especially if​ you​ are trying to​ grow your​ business .​
Let's look at​ some good open source options for​ you​ to​ consider .​
you​ may be surprised at​ how much money open source can save you.
What is​ open source? The webopedia describes it​ as​ follows:
Generically, open source refers to​ a​ program in​ which the source code is​ available to​ the general public for​ use and/or modification​ from its original design free of​ charge, i.e., open .​
Open source code is​ typically created as​ a​ collaborative effort in​ which programmers improve upon​ the code and​ share the changes within​ the community .​
Open source sprouted in​ the technological community as​ a​ response to​ proprietary software owned by corporations.

Not all open source programs are worth downloading, but there are a​ few that merit further attention, including:
1 .​
Originally called Personal Home Page, PHP is​ the backbone of​ many message boards .​
Yes, you​ can use proprietary software such as​ vBulletin, but you​ will pay a​ licensing fee and​ fees for​ updates .​
for​ one site, the cost may not be prohibitive, but if​ you​ run several sites your​ costs can easily become a​ significant part of​ your​ budget .​
Search the internet for​ a​ free PHP provider such as​ PHPBB2.
2 .​
Web Templates
Finding decent templates does not have to​ cost you​ dearly .​
There are sites offering some very well made templates that would cost you​ as​ much as​ $100 if​ purchased separately .​
Naturally, everyone downloads the copies, but you​ can modify it​ accordingly to​ give it​ your​ own look .​
The best ones are CSS derived and​ web standard compliant.
3 .​
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer isn't the only name in​ town when talking about web browsers .​
Yes, they are dominant, but so many web savvy folks have tired of​ Microsoft's dominance and​ are switching to​ Netscape, Firefox, Opera, and​ Safari to​ name a​ few .​
4 .​
Email Client
Thunderbird is​ the name of​ another project developed by the people who brought to​ you​ Firefox .​
With Thunderbird you​ can send and​ receive email, stop SPAM, and​ add plugins to​ design the program the way you​ want it​ to​ look.
5 .​
Office Software
MS Office rules as​ WordPerfect barely hangs on​ .​
Still, there are options to​ these two productivity suites in​ the form of​ .​
a​ big freebie associated with this​ site is​ the *pdf maker, saving you​ lots of​ money over purchasing Adobe Acrobat .​
Certainly OpenOffice isn't as​ snazzy as​ MS Office, but for​ the price -- F-R-E-E -- it​ is​ worth a​ look.
Are all open source products great? No, absolutely not .​
Some proprietary software developed by corporations are far superior and​ worth it​ to​ you​ if​ you​ do not have the time or​ inclination​ to​ make a​ move to​ open source .​
Still, open source provides a​ wonderful alternative to​ cash strapped and​ Microsoft weary web developers .​
in​ a​ day when corporations throw their considerable influence around, it​ is​ nice to​ see developers donating their talents to​ the worldwide web .​
Become a​ part of​ the growing open source movement today!

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