The Benefits Of A Magellan Gps System

The Benefits of​ a​ Magellan GPS System
this​ holiday season; protect loved ones by giving them an​ automotive GPS navigational system from Magellan .​
The long winter months can make driving very hazardous especially when trying to​ watch the road and​ read a​ paper map at​ the same time .​
you​ can help by giving a​ Magellan GPS unit that has a​ color monitor with detailed and​ accurate directions that will alert drivers if​ they miss a​ turn or​ have to​ take another way .​
With rerouting capabilities, drivers will arrive safely at​ their destination​ and​ will be able to​ spend the holidays with family and​ friends .​
They will be able to​ exclude roads that they want to​ avoid and​ use spell check to​ will find streets that have been misspelled.
Magellan GPS systems now have text-to-speech technology that will allow drivers to​ listen to​ directions and​ leave their eyes where they should be – on​ the road .​
Drivers will be able to​ plug in​ coordinates or​ street names when they need to​ find a​ location​ .​
Find easy ways to​ get to​ hotels, airports, and​ restaurants by touching the icons that appear on​ the screen .​
With simple touch-screen capabilities, anyone will be able to​ use this​ GPS unit.
During the holiday season, there will be increased traffic on​ the highways and​ near shopping malls and​ other attractions .​
Avoiding these traffic jams is​ possible by finding an​ alternate route .​
a​ Magellan GPS system will be able to​ find side streets and​ shortcuts to​ highways and​ service roads that will cut down on​ the amount of​ time spent driving .​
this​ system will also come in​ handy by pointing out the nearest gas station​ so that drivers will never run out of​ gas again, ATM machines, and​ much more .​
When traveling in​ a​ strange town, a​ GPS unit can help make grocery stores and​ restaurants easier to​ find.
in​ addition​ to​ finding shortcuts to​ highways and​ other destinations, drivers will have the advantage of​ being informed of​ traffic accidents and​ other obstructions with their Magellan GPS system .​
this​ will also cut down on​ the amount of​ time spent driving during the holiday season​ .​
Some units also have Bluetooth technology that will allow drivers to​ use their cell phone hands-free.
if​ you​ know someone that travels often or​ who will be traveling this​ holiday season, a​ Magellan GPS unit that will map put up to​ twenty points and​ give them the shortest routes to​ each is​ a​ great gift idea .​
your​ friends and​ family will be able to​ create a​ route that is​ easy to​ follow and​ will get them where they need to​ go quickly.
Magellan GPS systems also have address books so that drivers can store locations and​ routes, a​ battery that will last up to​ eight hours, colorized screen with 3-D images, and​ hundreds of​ maps that can be downloaded very easily with the touch of​ a​ button​ .​
Memory cards are available to​ download and​ store maps .​
Magellan has introduced many new GPS units this​ year that will have options everyone will enjoy .​
this​ holiday season; give the gift of​ safety, comfort, and​ reliability.

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