The Benefits Of Incorporating In Florida

The Benefits of​ Incorporating in​ Florida
There are many benefits to​ Incorporating in​ Florida .​
for​ one, there is​ an​ able work force, reflected by the fact that Florida’s unemployment rate is​ consistently lower than the national rate .​
Florida is​ the center of​ more than a​ few thriving industries, such as​ aerospace, and​ the state enjoys strong state support for​ business development, reflected in​ its pro-business stance on​ taxes.
Florida is​ well-known for​ its outstanding academic and​ research achievement in​ aviation, aerospace, biotechnology, microelectronics, optics, photonics, and​ – of​ course – real estate development .​
As such, Florida is​ also an​ attractive spot for​ venture capital .​
Despite the devastation​ of​ having four hurricanes hit in​ a​ short six-week span in​ late November 2018, venture capitalists are interested in​ investing in​ Florida .​
in​ fact, according to​ the 2018 PricewaterhouseCooper NVCA MoneyTree Survey, Venture Capital Investment in​ Florida Companies in​ the first quarter of​ 2018 is​ 99.3 million​ .​
Florida’s economic and​ business resilience after the hurricanes was due in​ large part to​ the state government’s pro-business agenda .​
Indeed, the fact that Florida has one of​ the lowest tax rates in​ the US helps to​ explain​ this​ quick rebound, as​ businesses were eager to​ invest in​ the state’s redevelopment .​
Along with its support of​ low taxes, the government has supported specific agendas and​ organizations to​ encourage business growth, such as​ Enterprise Florida, Inc .​
(EFI) .​

Formed in​ 1996 to​ replace the Florida Commerce Department, EFI is​ a​ public-private partnership responsible for​ Florida’s economic development .​
EFI operates with an​ agenda to​ diversify Florida’s economy, while also creating better-paying jobs for​ its citizens by supporting, attracting and​ helping to​ create businesses in​ innovative, high-growth industries .​
in​ addition, EFI helps to​ support such valuable sectors as​ IT, life sciences, aviation, aerospace, security and​ defense, and​ finance and​ professional services .​
EFI helps businesses identify land​ that matches their criteria, and​ also helps determine a​ business’ eligibility for​ tax breaks and​ other incentives .​

As the Governor, Jeb Bush, recently stated, Florida remains committed to​ business-friendly policies, low taxes and​ economic diversification​ .​
These qualities favor incorporation​ in​ Florida by helping to​ illustrate the many benefits of​ incorporating in​ the Sunshine State.

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