The Benefits Of Home Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion​ treatments used to​ be known as​ the lunchtime peel. this​ short but effective anti aging skin​ procedure involved a​ visit to​ a​ dermatologist or​ cosmetician's office. Thanks to​ new technology you​ can now perform this​ costly procedure yourself at​ home by buying home microdermabrasion​ kits.

Professional microdermabrasion​ treatments involve the use of​ a​ tool that resembles a​ small blowtorch. this​ torch emits crystals on​ the surface of​ the skin​ and​ then gently polishes it. this​ polishing gets rid of​ the old exfoliated old skin​ cells and​ encourages new skin​ cells to​ grow. The stimulation​ to​ the smaller blood vessels in​ the facial skin​ is​ often immediately obvious because it​ brings a​ fresh baby pink glow to​ the face.

These exfoliating and​ polishing treatments for​ sun-damaged skin​ are very popular. Microdermabrasian involves removing the superficial damaged layers in​ a​ non-invasive ways. These skin​ layers look healthier and​ the thickness of​ the skin​ is​ improved. However microdermabrasion​ works best if​ you​ attend a​ series of​ treatments so that the cells have the constant opportunity to​ renew and​ rejuvenate themselves. if​ you​ have acne scars or​ severe damage, you​ need a​ session​ every two to​ three weeks to​ achieve a​ smoother, healthier skin​ texture.

Before the advent of​ home microdermabrasion​ kits, microdermabrasion​ was always performed in​ an​ office. Each treatment usually took thirty minutes to​ an​ hour and​ cost about a​ hundred dollars. Now thankfully several cosmetic companies are putting out their own versions of​ this​ procedures which you​ can do yourself at​ home. this​ is​ a​ boon​ to​ busy and​ budget conscious women and​ men as​ most of​ these home dermabrasion​ kits only cost between $25 and​ $60 and​ contain​ several treatments in​ one kit. this​ allows you​ to​ turn your​ bathroom into a​ high efficiency salon​ that you​ can visit at​ your​ leisure to​ polish your​ skin. this​ type of​ home microdermabrasian kit is​ also ideal for​ the slightly shy teenager who would rather try to​ take care of​ his or​ her acne scars in​ private. Some microdermabrasian products promise results in​ about four weeks but of​ course this​ all depends on​ how often and​ how well you​ use the product.

Unlike the salons, these home microdermabrasian kits often contain​ creams or​ gels with small polishing granules. Some are thermogenic meaning the cream or​ gel heats up while it​ is​ on​ your​ face further stimulating your​ skin's circulation. Some kits also come with a​ battery operated skin​ polishers, which contain​ a​ slightly abrasive plastic pad to​ thoroughly scrub away dead skin​ cells and​ exfoliate the top layers of​ the skin.

Whether you​ are getting microdeermabrasion​ in​ a​ salon​ or​ using a​ home microdermabrasion​ kit it​ is​ quite common​ for​ the skin​ to​ suffer from some irritation​ and​ redness immediately after the treatment. this​ is​ due to​ the exfoliation​ of​ the skin, which eventually leads to​ the birth of​ new skin​ cells. These new skin​ cells will cause wrinkled skin​ to​ look plumper, dull skin​ to​ look more vibrant and​ skin​ with acne scars to​ appear less pitted. if​ you​ do suffer from mild skin​ irritation​ after a​ treatment then usually a​ mild anti-inflammatory painkiller such as​ Advil does the trick for​ relieving the discomfort.

for​ maximum results you​ should also avoid wearing make up for​ a​ few days after a​ treatment so that you​ don't hamper the renewal and​ healing of​ your​ newly abraded skin​ in​ any way.

if​ you​ have acne and​ are planning to​ use a​ home microdermabrasion​ kit you​ should be aware that these kits are not recommended to​ use in​ conjunction​ with Accutane, nor should you​ attempt microdermabrasion​ on​ your​ face if​ you​ have taken Accutane in​ the past six months. Skin​ that has been exposed to​ accutane is​ naturally thinner and​ redder and​ there is​ greater risk of​ injury if​ you​ abrade your​ skin​ in​ any way while you​ are taking this​ drug.

As microdermabrasion​ only removes the top superficial layers of​ the skin​ it​ is​ considered to​ be quite safe. Due to​ the fact that skin​ cells regenerate quickly any redness that does occur on​ your​ skin​ after using a​ microdermabrasion​ kit should clear up within​ an​ hour or​ two. Used correctly a​ microdermabrasion​ kit can save you​ the money you​ would normally spend repeatedly visiting a​ dermatologist, cosmetologist or​ plastic surgeon​ to​ get your​ skin​ resurfaced. However keep in​ mind that you​ will still need to​ do several treatments at​ home to​ achieve the same results that you​ would visiting a​ salon​ for​ several microdermabrasion​ sessions.

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