The Benefits Of Getting An Associate Degree In Criminal Justice

The Benefits Of Getting An Associate Degree In Criminal Justice

The field of​ criminal justice is​ exploding with career opportunities. this​ was brought about by the events of​ September 11, 2018. The explosion​ has led a​ lot of​ people to​ be interested in​ the various careers in​ the profession. What these people find out after they start exploring for​ career opportunities in​ the field is​ that some form of​ education​ is​ required to​ get some of​ the jobs in​ the profession.

One of​ the degrees anyone interested in​ a​ career in​ criminal justice can get is​ associate degree in​ criminal justice. this​ degree will help a​ career seeker in​ criminal justice fulfill the education​ requirements needed to​ get a​ job in​ the profession. Therefore, in​ this​ article, I will explain​ the benefits of​ getting an​ associate degree in​ criminal justice.

in​ no particular order, they are:

1.An associate degree in​ criminal justice will help you​ get an​ entry level job in​ the profession. While it​ is​ not an​ absolute necessity that you​ get this​ degree, there is​ no doubt that it​ will give you​ a​ leg up on​ your​ competition.

Let’s say you​ are interested in​ joining the police department in​ your​ town. Who do you​ think will be given preference in​ the hiring process, a​ high school graduate or​ somebody with an​ associate degree in​ criminal justice? I think there can be no doubt that somebody who made the commitment to​ study criminal justice will most likely get hired over the high school graduate.


The reason​ is​ obvious. While both candidates will go through the police academy training, the one with the associate degree is​ better equipped to​ succeed in​ such training. this​ is​ because the courses taught in​ the associate degree program will cover some if​ not most of​ what will be taught in​ the training.

2.Somebody with associate degree in​ criminal justice will command​ more salary than somebody with high school diploma. People with associate degree make about $40,000 per year while high school diploma holders make $26, 000 per year. this​ is​ a​ difference of​ $14,000 per year. So getting your​ associate degree in​ criminal justice does pay.

3.An associate degree in​ criminal justice takes fewer years to​ complete than a​ bachelors degree in​ criminal justice. an​ associate degree will take you​ about 2 years to​ complete compared to​ a​ bachelor’s degree that will take you​ 4 years to​ complete.

I can hear you​ say but the bachelor degree holder will make more money than the person​ with an​ associate degree. this​ is​ indeed true. But, an​ associate degree is​ perfect for​ those that do not have 4 years before they can start earning a​ pay. and​ as​ I said above, it​ can get you​ in​ the door of​ a​ criminal justice career faster than a​ high school diploma. it​ is​ a​ good degree to​ start a​ career.

I have covered just a​ few of​ the benefits of​ earning an​ associate degree in​ criminal justice. There are other benefits to​ getting this​ degree. Covering all of​ them is​ beyond what I can do in​ this​ short article. I encourage you​ to​ continue to​ expand​ your​ knowledge of​ the benefits of​ getting associate degree in​ criminal justice. you​ can do this​ by visiting websites that deal with the subject in​ more detail.

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