The Benefits Of Dandelion

The Benefits Of Dandelion

The next time you​ see a​ pesky dandelion​ interfering with the perfection​ of​ your​ lawn, you​ might want to​ reconsider your​ first reaction​ to​ spray it​ with weed killer. That little weed is​ actually an​ incredible source of​ vitamins and​ other substances that can be greatly beneficial to​ your​ health. Many people still don’t realize that the dandelion​ is​ even edible, much less are they aware of​ the amazing benefits this​ natural herb can have on​ their health.

Dandelion​ contains a​ significant amount of​ vitamin​ a​ and​ potassium, as​ well as​ moderate amounts of​ vitamin​ B, vitamin​ C, vitamin​ D, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, and​ manganese. All of​ these substances can be beneficial to​ your​ health, but the dandelion​ also provides a​ more specific health benefit. Dandelion​ can actually act as​ a​ gentle and​ natural diuretic that aids in​ the function​ of​ the entire digestive system, including the function​ of​ the kidneys, gallbladder, bowels and​ more. it​ can aid in​ treating constipation​ and​ water retention.

Dandelion​ leaves can be eaten directly from the plant, but their bitter taste makes them less than appealing to​ the average person. it​ is​ better to​ boil the leaves and​ add them to​ salads, vegetable dishes, pasta dishes, and​ various casseroles. you​ can also purchase dandelion​ tablets from various herbal stores and​ online centers.

Always be sure to​ consult with your​ doctor before taking in​ any new supplement. as​ beneficial as​ dandelion​ can be to​ your​ health, it​ is​ not for​ everyone. Those with digestive issues such as​ gallstones and​ ulcers should take special care with dandelion​ and​ should only ingest it​ under the supervision​ of​ their doctor.

There are quite a​ few benefits associated with dandelion, and​ many people can benefit from its use. Now that you​ are more familiar with the advantages of​ this​ herb, the next time you​ spot a​ dandelion​ in​ your​ lawn, you​ might find yourself eating it​ instead of​ trying to​ get rid of​ it.

The Benefits Of Dandelion

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