The Benefits Of Customized Golf Clubs

The Benefits Of Customized Golf Clubs

There are an​ infinite number of​ excuses in​ golf for​ hitting a​ bad shot, but few sound more irrational than blaming your​ clubs. But in​ some cases, blaming a​ bad shot on​ your​ clubs may not be ridiculous at​ all. Having your​ clubs fitted specifically for​ your​ own swing can have a​ massive impact on​ your​ game. if​ your​ clubs aren’t fitted to​ your​ personal specifications, you​ could well be sacrificing critical elements of​ your​ swing to​ make up for​ it.

for​ an​ example of​ how big a​ part clubs play in​ your​ game, just take a​ look back at​ Phil Mickelson’s win​ in​ the Masters this​ year. He basically had two different drivers in​ his bag, one which produced a​ draw and​ the other which produced a​ fade. and​ he didn’t change his swing at​ all.

Now I can’t really say that there is​ a​ set list of​ benefits to​ getting your​ shafts properly fitted, but if​ you​ think about it, no two people’s swing is​ exactly the same. So if​ you​ are using equipment that is​ set up for​ somebody else, then you​ are going to​ be sacrificing your​ own swing in​ an​ effort to​ make the equipment work.

Obviously this​ is​ backwards to​ the way things are meant to​ be. in​ the ideal situation, your​ equipment should complement your​ swing. Then any problems associated with your​ shots can be easily targeted as​ physical problems and​ fixed more quickly.

Seeing as​ club fitting has become so crucial these days, most golfing facilities will be able to​ help you​ out with a​ fitting session, which usually only costs around $100 (depending on​ where you​ are).

One of​ the most important aspects to​ consider is​ lie angle, which can relate to​ the length of​ the shaft too. it​ is​ said that if​ the lie angle is​ out by just a​ few degrees, then your​ shots could land​ as​ far as​ 40yards either side of​ where you​ were aiming.

Other things they will measure are clubhead speed, launch angle, club lie angle, ball contact position​ and​ plenty more (again​ depending on​ where you​ get the fitting done).

So if​ you​ are looking for​ a​ new set of​ clubs, before you​ make any quick decisions, it’s definitely best to​ get yourself fitted to​ begin​ with, saving all the hassles later on. or​ if​ there are so many problems with your​ shots that you​ really don’t know where to​ start, then I’d definitely recommend to​ look at​ getting some properly fitted clubs first.

The Benefits Of Customized Golf Clubs

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