The Benefits Of Amphetamine Derivatives

The Benefits Of Amphetamine Derivatives

for​ the bodybuilder, the most appealing of​ the current crop of​ diet drugs are the amphetamine derivatives. They can be successfully used for​ a​ short period of​ time to​ burn significant amounts of​ bodyfat, particularly the stubborn bodyfat that is​ highly resistant to​ dieting and​ will not seem to​ disappear even towards the end of​ a​ cutting cycle. The stimulating properties of​ these drugs can dramatically enhance the fat burning effects of​ a​ ketogenic diet.

Here are the stimulating diet drugs listed from weakest to​ strongest. Their differences in​ pharmacology are small, but the effects they produce on​ the individual can vary widely.

Tenuate: (diethylpropion​ hydrochloride USP) - the mildest.
Phentermines: (brands: Adipex; Fastin, Ionamine)
Bontril: (Phendimetrazine tartrate)
Didrex: the brand​ name for​ Benzphetamine - the strongest.

All the amphetamine based diet drugs have both the good and​ bad side effects of​ amphetamine - but to​ a​ lesser degree. What dieters like about these drugs is​ that when on​ them, you​ feel very well stimulated. you​ feel euphoric, have boundless energy, and​ are without fatigue. But the downside is​ that unless kept in​ check, they can be habit forming, and​ when you​ stop using them - as​ you​ must from time to​ time - you​ crash and​ feel highly fatigued.

Tenuate, the mildest of​ the stimulants, is​ basically one notch higher than caffeine in​ terms of​ stimulation. The best thing about Tenuate is​ that the lower dose tabs can be used during problem hours of​ the day to​ curb the appetite. Most athletes have specific times throughout the day when they are particularly susceptible to​ breaking their diets. at​ these times of​ craving, Tenuate can be of​ aid. The main​ downside is​ that Tenuate begins to​ lose its simulative effect at​ around week three.

in​ terms of​ effectiveness and​ simulative properties, the next step up from Tenuate are the Phentermines. The Phentermines come in​ two flavors: Phentermine hydrochloride and​ Phentermine resin. Phentermine hydrochloride goes by the brand​ names Adipex, Fastin, and​ just plain​ Phentermine. Phentermine resin​ goes by the name Ionamine. Adipex and​ Fastin​ are 30mg tablets that exert their effect for​ 10 to​ 12 hours. Ionamine is​ believed to​ have a​ longer duration, but a​ milder effect. Ionamine is​ usually more expensive than Phentermine, and​ in​ the real world, the differences between the two are largely subjective. The Phentermines can promote pronounced fat loss and​ are highly effective.

Bontril-SR is​ the brand​ name for​ Phendimetrazine tartrate. it​ is​ a​ stimulant that is​ supposedly stronger than Phentermine. Based on​ discussions I have had with consultation​ clients, many cannot differentiate between the two in​ terms of​ effects and​ effectiveness. They instead choose one or​ the other based on​ price and​ availability. Unfortunately, because there is​ a​ high cross-tolerance between Phentermine and​ Bontril, one cannot simply step up from Phentermine to​ Bontril when Phentermine loses its effectiveness.

Didrex, is​ the brand​ name for​ Benzphetamine and​ it​ is​ the closest of​ all the diet drugs currently available to​ amphetamine. Benzphetamine is​ metabolized into methamphetamine and​ amphetamine, which may explain​ its reputation​ for​ having a​ greater abuse potential than Phentermine. Additionally, it​ has the drawback of​ making you​ test positive for​ amphetamine and​ methamphetamine in​ urine drug screens. on​ the plus side, it​ is​ definitely a​ step up in​ effectiveness from the Phentermine style diet drugs and​ affords the dieter who has gotten all of​ the possible benefits from the milder diet drugs a​ place to​ go for​ further weight loss.

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