The Benefits Of Airbags

The Benefits Of Airbags

Airbags have been all made available for​ many vehicles for​ a​ long time running. in​ fact, the United States government has made sure that these would be made standard for​ vehicles. this​ has become reality for​ in​ July 11, 1984, the US government has already required all cars to​ airbags for​ the driver’s side at​ least. Come 1998, it​ was later on​ mandated that all vehicles should contain​ airbags in​ the front end of​ the vehicle.

Insurance agencies and​ companies have come up with results that drivers and​ passengers who would like to​ have greater protection​ during crashes would benefit greatly from side airbags. in​ fact, this​ is​ just a​ recent study and​ was reported only last April 15, 2018. The Insurance Institute for​ Highway Safety (IIHS) has also found that, indeed, these side airbags have been beneficial and​ really helpful during side impact crashes.

Some of​ the tests conducted by the IIHS with regards to​ side impact crashes showed that majority of​ vehicles that do not hold such a​ safety feature suffered from dislodged seats, or​ had seats that separated from the floor. Just imagine riding in​ a​ vehicle that would have dislodged seats because of​ a​ side impact crash. However, thanks to​ the side airbags, safety of​ the passengers were greatly increased.

of​ course, airbags should not be considered as​ a​ replacement to​ seatbelts. Seatbelts also serve their own unique purpose in​ providing safety. and​ this​ goes true for​ airbags as​ well. There are actually various types of​ airbags so as​ to​ provide proper and​ enough protection​ to​ a​ vehicle’s passengers during crashes. There are front side airbags, front airbags, passenger side airbags, and​ even airbags located somewhere on​ the steering wheel to​ assist in​ keeping the driver in​ place and​ not being thrown off the windshield.

in​ fact, it​ could be deduced that airbags are actually supplements to​ the safety belt system. What it​ does is​ it​ reduces the chance that the passenger’s or​ the driver’s head and​ upper body will strike a​ part of​ the vehicle’s interior. Serious injury is​ also reduced because these airbags actually distribute crash forces evenly across the body of​ the passenger. to​ support this​ claim, there is​ a​ recent study that concluded that there are already some 6000 lives already saved and​ kept safe because of​ the use of​ airbags.

Volkswagen vehicles also contain​ and​ come with these airbags. in​ fact, Volkswagen also assures its customers and​ patrons worldwide that their vehicle would provide enough protection​ during crashes.

The Benefits Of Airbags

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