The Benefits Of Act

The Benefits Of Act

It seems business has once again​ recognized the importance of​ customer relationship management. The only difference between now and​ then is​ that technology has advanced our CRM solutions to​ a​ new level with great CRM software packages to​ choose from. Let’s start with a​ look at​ the benefits of​ ACT!

Wondering just what those ACT! features are that make it​ such an​ impressive piece of​ CRM software? Here’s just a​ brief list – you’ll be impressed.

1. Finds anyone or​ any detail instantly with the Lookup and​ Keyword Search features.

2. you​ can easily stay on​ top of​ your​ schedule tracking important meetings, prioritizing calls, meetings, and​ even taking care of​ your​ to-do list.

3. Tracking completed and​ follow-up activities for​ any potential customer or​ existing customer.

4. Organizes all your​ customer information​ in​ one place for​ instant access to​ every little detail.

5. Allow you​ to​ confidently meet your​ sales goals using the forecasting tools and​ customizable reports that come with it.

6. you​ can attach messages to​ the contact's record and​ easily create a​ history even making a​ note of​ when e-mail was sent and​ what its message was.

7. you​ can create personalized mail-merged letters, e-mails, and​ faxes and​ send with a​ click of​ your​ mouse.

8. The included e-mail client works with Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Outlook Express, and​ Internet Mail which means you​ can create, send and​ track your​ e-mails.

9. you​ can print address books

10. you​ can print the calendar to​ more than 20 popular paper planner formats

11. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook® e-mail, calendar, and​ contacts

12. Attach, view, and​ edit important files such as​ price lists, letters, memos, contracts, and​ presentations, from within​ ACT!

13. Database comes with over 70 pre-defined fields and​ you​ can add fields on​ the fly.

14. Store complete contact information​ including name, company, e-mail, addresses, phone numbers, web sites, last meeting date, and​ more.

15. Synchronize with your​ Palm OS® or​ Blackberry

16. ACT! includes unlimited date and​ time-stamped notes for​ each contact which are very handy.

17. Comes with pre-defined reports for​ activity reports, email or​ phone lists, sales summaries and​ more and​ of​ course you​ can customize the reports to​ meet your​ specific needs.

18. Create and​ send personalized emails, faxes, and​ letters.

19. Use mail merge for​ letters, emails, faxes, and​ envelopes.

20. Add graphics and​ create your​ own great looking letters and​ e-mails.

21. Use the ACT! word process or​ integrate with Microsoft Word 2000/2018(XP) or​ use the built in​ ACT! word processor.

22. Multi user and​ network ready right out of​ the box.

23. Manage groups of​ contacts by company, account, interests, or​ any other field.

24. Lock records and​ password protect for​ safe file sharing.

and​ if​ that isn’t enough benefits then consider this​ – ACT! training – which consists of​ both online and​ onsite training sessions that are tailored to​ the individuals that will be using the software. The training is​ affordable and​ taught by licensed instructors.

Our modern world has put us in​ a​ very competitive position​ so it’s important that we use all the tools available to​ us to​ stay ahead of​ the game and​ now that you​ know just a​ few of​ the benefits of​ ACT! you’ve got no excuse not to​ run on​ of​ the best CRM software packages on​ the market.

The Benefits Of Act

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