The Benefit Of Owning A Coffee Grinder

The Benefit of​ Owning a​ Coffee Grinder
Every coffee lover out there loves fresh ground coffee, no matter what kind it​ is .​
There's just something special and​ wonderful about freshly ground coffee that brings a​ smile as​ that first whiff floats through the house or​ coffee shop .​
in​ order to​ enjoy the special flavor of​ fresh ground coffee, one usually has to​ own some sort of​ coffee grinder .​
Gone are the days of​ the tiny little box with the turning wheel on​ top .​
Today, a​ coffee grinder can cost hundred of​ dollars, if​ not more.
A great tasting cup of​ coffee is​ produced from whole coffee that's ground within​ a​ few minutes of​ brewing, and​ it​ doesn't matter what kind of​ coffee bean is​ used, whether it's an​ exotic blend or​ French Vanilla or​ a​ Columbian blend .​
Whole coffee beans can be caffeinated or​ decaffeinated .​
The reason​ why coffee tastes so much better when it's just been through a​ coffee grinder, is​ that within​ two minutes, or​ so the experts claim, the coffee beans begin​ to​ oxidize, which is​ referred to​ in​ coffee circles as​ 'staling', which is​ what changes the flavor .​
Most experts agree that the sooner you​ brew your​ coffee after you​ put it​ through a​ coffee grinder, the better your​ coffee will taste.
How do you​ grind coffee? There are different types of​ coffee grinder models out there, some with a​ blade and​ some with a​ burr .​
a​ coffee grinder fitted with a​ blade is​ less expensive than a​ burr coffee grinder .​
a​ fan-shaped blade spins to​ grind the coffee beans .​
However, with a​ blade coffee grinder, grains are inconsistent unless you​ grind the coffee to​ a​ finer texture, which is​ fine if​ you're making an​ automatic drip coffee maker .​
if​ you​ want espresso, this​ method doesn't work out too well .​
a​ burr coffee grinder is​ the best, as​ it​ crushes the coffee beans in​ a​ consistent manner that allows for​ a​ uniform grind .​
of​ course, a​ burr coffee grinder can be either an​ electric style or​ a​ hand-cranked style .​
Both work equally well, though of​ course the electric coffee grinder will take less time .​
Still, the hand-cranked coffee grinder is​ ideal for​ those who like to​ take the time to​ enjoy handling the coffee and​ savor the aroma while grinding .​
a​ hand-crank coffee grinder is​ also portable, which makes it​ ideal for​ taking along on​ camping trips or​ when RV'ing.
A burr style coffee grinder can cost someone anywhere from $75 to​ $400, depending on​ how fancy you​ want to​ get .​
It doesn't really matter what kind of​ coffee grinder you​ purchase as​ long as​ it​ does the job it's supposed to​ do .​
you​ don't have to​ spend a​ fortune for​ a​ good cup of​ coffee when a​ bit of​ patience will get you​ the same results .​
Many people enjoy grinding their own coffee, and​ whether you​ own a​ blade or​ a​ burr coffee grinder, you're going to​ enjoy a​ better cup of​ coffee no matter which style you​ use.

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