The Benefit Of Green Tea

The Benefit Of Green Tea

It is​ a​ miracle. People have been drinking green tea as​ treatment for​ everything from weight loss to​ curing cancer to​ skin​ problems.

in​ the 1994 edition​ of​ the Journal of​ National Cancer Institute, the results of​ an​ epidemiological study showed that one of​ the health benefits of​ drinking green tea is​ that it​ can reduce the risk of​ esophageal cancer in​ Chinese men and​ women by up to​ 60%.

The rich presence of​ catechin​ polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin​ gallate (EGCG) is​ the reason​ why green tea has so many health benefits. a​ powerful antioxidant, EGCG can not only inhibit the growth of​ cancer cells but can also destroy them without harming healthy cells.

Also another benefit of​ green tea is​ its ability to​ lower down cholesterol levels and​ improve the ratio between good (HDL) cholesterol and​ bad (LDL) cholesterol. this​ is​ a​ leading cause of​ strokes and​ heart attacks.

Green tea has greater health benefits compared to​ other Chinese teas like oolong and​ black tea, which come from the plant Camellia sinensis. What makes green tea different is​ the process by which it​ is​ made. Green tea owes much of​ its health benefits to​ how the Camellia sinensis leaves are steamed. The process stops the EGCG health benefit of​ green tea from oxidizing.

Drinking green tea can allow more calories to​ be burnt which will result in​ weight loss. this​ was proven in​ the American Journal of​ Clinical Nutrition​ in​ 1999, men who take both caffeine and​ green tea burn down more calories than men who only take caffeine or​ a​ placebo. Many People have embarked on​ green tea dieting with great success and​ benefit.

Another health benefit of​ green tea is​ its bacteria-destroying properties. The benefit of​ green tea is​ that it​ can help prevent food poisoning and​ also prevent tooth decay.

Well known for​ its countless health benefits such weight loss and​ curing cancer, green tea is​ a​ miracle.

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