The Beginners Guide To Permanent Weight Loss Part 1

The Beginners Guide To Permanent Weight Loss Part 1

"The World's Strongest Fat Burner" 
I remember one evening I was watching TV and flipping through channels until I saw a​ commercial that caught my attention.  It was quite obvious why I would be interested in it because I was looking to​ lose weight at​ the​ time and I was being teased with what they called "the world's strongest fat burner".
That commercial was for a​ diet pill,​ it​ had all the​ regular promises of​ "easy" and "fast" weight loss combined with the​ fact that you can eat anything that you want.   I did not buy the​ product but it​ always stuck in​ my mind because of​ the​ claim of being "The world's strongest fat burner".
After losing all the​ weight that I needed to​ and after educating myself about healthy eating and permanent weight loss,​ I came to​ find something else that is​ very close to​ being the​ world 's strongest fat burner and I am here to​ reveal what that is to you.
What I am talking about is water.  If there is​ one thing that has the consensus of diet gurus and all the​ different weight loss programs out there,​ it​ is​ the​ use of​ water.  You have heard all over the​ place that you need to​ drink water to​ help you lose weight,​ but:   
Have you ever wondered why?
Have you ever asked yourself how does water help you lose weight?
If you do not know how exactly,​ it's not your fault.  You see,​ nobody has a​ patent on​ water and it​ is​ something that is​ hard to​ mark up and make a​ ton of​ money from.  There are not a​ lot of​ benefits for the​ weight loss marketers to​ taunt the​ virtues of​ water.  People just know that water is​ important to​ weight loss,​ but since there is not a​ lot of​ money to​ be made out of water,​ marketers may make it seem like water is​ not as​ important to​ weight loss as​ say diets pills for example.
Before I reveal to​ you why I think water is​ the​ "world's strongest fat burner",​ I first want to​ dispel the​ biggest myth about water.
Some people do not drink enough water when they diet,​ thinking they will lose more weight if they don't retain any excess water.  However,​ this is​ a​ myth and just the​ opposite happens.  If you do not drink enough water every day,​ your body may be storing water and fat that you do not need or​ want .
Your body needs water and is​ sixty/seventy percent water.  Nevertheless,​ if​ you do not drink enough water,​ your body thinks it​ is​ in​ danger and tries to​ hold onto all the​ water it​ can get.  The water is​ stored between the​ cells and shows up as​ extra weight.  Your feet,​ legs and hands may even swell up.  However,​ when your body does get enough water,​ the​ extra stored water weight is​ released and you will easily see the​ difference on​ the​ scale.
In addition,​ the​ more water you drink,​ the​ less you'll eat.  Water is​ nature's own appetite suppressant.  A glass of​ water before eating will help you feel full and eat less.  You will also get rid of​ extra salt by drinking water (salt can also cause the​ body to​ hold onto water).
Besides all this,​ there is​ another reason why I believe water is "the world's strongest fat burner",​ and it's a​ shame that almost nobody talks about it.
You need water for your body to​ burn fat.  Here is​ why : 
You see,​ your liver is​ a​ fat burning organ.  It is​ there to​ help you burn body fat; therefore,​ you need the liver to​ function at​ optimal level for the​ best weight loss results.
Now,​ without water,​ your kidneys cannot do their job of​ eliminating wastes properly and your liver  must then pitch in​ to​ help.  While your liver is busy helping out the kidneys,​ the liver then cannot burn as​ much fat as it could,​ so some of​ the​ fat that would normally be used as​ fuel gets stored in​ your body as fat instead.
Drinking more water helps your kidneys do their job and indirectly allows your liver to​ get back to​ its own job of​ turning fat into fuel.
Now you can easily see why something as​ simple as​ drinking water would have more of an effect on​ your  weight loss efforts than say a​ $60 diet pill bottle.
Your next question might be,​ "How much water do I need to​ accomplish this?"  I am sure that you have heard about the​ standard recommendation of​ drinking at​ least eight,​ 8 oz. glasses of​ water every day.  However,​ this is​ just for maintaining normal body function on a regular basis.  if​ you are looking to​ lose weight,​ you need to​ drink more than that.

Have you ever wonder why eight glasses of​ water is​ the​ recommendation for everybody. No matter how much you weight or​ how much you exercise. This does not seem like a​ sensible advice at​ all. However,​ it​ is​ the​ ‘general recommendation” about water.

Do you think a​ 120 pounds person needs as​ much water as​ 300 pounds person?

My recommendation is​ to​ drink half your bodyweight in​ ounces of​ water. For example if​ you weight 200 pounds,​ your goal should be to​ consume about 100 ounces of​ water a​ day.

 Now,​ I have one last tip about getting more water into your system.

If you are accustomed to​ drinking just one to​ two glasses a​ day,​ trying to​ change suddenly to​ 8-10 glasses a​ day is​ just a​ recipe for failure.  Instead,​ try to​ improve to 4 glasses for the​ next 2-3 weeks and when you feel comfortable with that,​ you can move on​ to​ the​ next level until you can easily handle more than 8 glasses a​ day.

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