The Art Of Dog Training Obedience School

The Art Of Dog Training Obedience School

One of​ the​ best things about dog ownership is​ that they can be trained to​ obey commands and are able to​ make a​ connection with their owner. Dog training requires a​ certain amount of​ patience and determination,​ but will result in​ a​ well-behaved pet that your friends and family will adore.

The art of​ dog training is​ quite simple,​ but getting your dog to​ understand is​ another story. if​ you​ want to​ teach your dog to​ sit,​ begin by giving him/her the​ ‘sit’ command and push down gently on​ their rear while putting another hand on​ their chest and pushing back gently. This will place them in​ the​ sit position. if​ your dog is​ resistant at​ first,​ keep trying but remain calm and be gentle with your pet. One of​ the​ most effective methods of​ dog training is​ rewarding your pet after he/she has obeyed your command. Once your dog is​ in​ the​ sitting position,​ reward him/her with a​ special treat and praise them for their behavior. This dog training practice can be done several times a​ day,​ every day until your dog can sit without having to​ be guided into position.

It is​ best to​ begin dog training as​ early as​ possible. if​ you​ have a​ puppy,​ start early and teach him/her the​ basic commands. Most importantly,​ always have a​ special treat to​ reward your furry little friend for their behavior.

If you​ find that you​ do not have the​ time or​ energy for dog training,​ obedience classes are given in​ most areas and will involve another individual training your pet in​ exchange for a​ fee. the​ basic commands will generally be taught,​ along with behavioral techniques. Each instructor has his/her own way of​ conducting dog training,​ so be sure to​ ask about their methods prior to​ enrolling your pet. Dog training obedience classes usually last for several hours and are often held in​ the​ evening. if​ you​ are interested in​ obedience training for your pet,​ you​ can learn more information by watching the​ classified section in​ your local newspaper for advertisements or​ by contacting your local veterinarian or​ animal hospital for recommendations of​ a​ good dog training course.

Dog training,​ if​ done properly,​ will make your dog an​ ideal candidate for vacations and being in​ situations where a​ lot of​ other people are present. Some dogs become very excitable in​ the​ presence of​ other people,​ but a​ well-trained dog can be mild mannered in​ every situation. Even if​ they are anxious,​ a​ pet that has experienced the​ proper dog training will be a​ delight to​ have around and may also prove to​ be a​ safe pet to​ travel with.

The Art Of Dog Training Obedience School

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