The Appeal Of Bishojo Games

The Appeal of​ Bishojo Games
Bishojo in​ Japanese means pretty young girl .​
The Bishojo games center around interacting with largely 2D images of​ young girls .​
They could be an​ arcade game,​ a​ puzzle game,​ an​ adventure story,​ or​ similar game themes .​
The Bishojo aspect can be incorporated into any computer game and make it​ a​ part of​ the​ Bishojo game industry.
Examples of​ Bishojo games include – Gals Panic,​ Money Idol Exchanger,​ Strip Mahjong,​ Tokimeki Memorial,​ Galaxy Angels,​ To Heart,​ Kanon,​ etc.
Bishojo games became popular with the​ rise of​ the​ PC in​ the​ 80s in​ Japan .​
Beset with very explicit content,​ guidelines were set in​ the​ 90s leading to​ a​ more organized set up .​
The Games were translated into English,​ but did not enjoy widespread popularity .​
Many of​ these were hentai games with more explicit content .​
Examples include – True Love,​ Season of​ the​ Sakura,​ Three Siosters’ Story,​ etc.
Today Bishojo games are available in​ CD – ROMs and can be downloaded from the​ internet .​
Some of​ the​ popular games are Tokimeki Check In,​ X-change,​ and Megatokyo .​
Some of​ the​ major companies in​ the​ west involved with Bishojo publishing are Jast USA,​ Peach Princess,​ G-Collections,​ etc.
Not all Bishojo games contain explicit scenes,​ though .​
The western publications however contain explicit themes and scenes .​
A number of​ related terms are used with Bishojo and contain similar game themes and representation styles .​
These include – Eroge,​ Dating Sim,​ Renai games,​ Raiser sim,​ and visual novel.
The main impetus behind using cartoons and animations to​ represent adult content initially came from Japanese laws that did not allow real actors to​ be used,​ especially minors .​
a​ cursory look at​ Bishojo pictures would reveal young and pretty girls pampering to​ the​ tastes of​ adults.
The main stimulating aspect of​ Bishojo and other Hentai games appears to​ be the​ use of​ young girls and minors as​ objects of​ sexual fantasy .​
That is​ what seems to​ propel the​ sale,​ and the​ lack of​ widespread popularity in​ the​ west appears to​ be due to​ this aspect.
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