The Antioxidising Benefits Of Green Tea

The Antioxidising Benefits Of Green Tea

The Antioxidising Benefits of​ Green Tea
People have been drinking green tea for​ centuries now. ​
this​ is probably one of​ the oldest beverage preparation​ in​ history. ​
Have you​ ever wondered why people drink green tea until now? Well, studies have proven that drinking green tea has a​ lot of​ health benefits. ​
for​ one, it​ is well known to have antioxidising benefits. ​
The animal kingdom needs oxygen in​ order to survive and​ ​ that includes the humans.
Body processes need oxygen. ​
this​ element is abundantly found in​ the air and​ ​ with proper intake, it​ burns the glucose and​ ​ fat present in​ the body to supply the needed heat and​ ​ energy. ​
So you​ see, oxygen is an essential element needed by the body but anything in​ excess is harmful and​ ​ too much oxygen can also have negative effects. ​

The byproducts of​ oxidation​ are free radicals. ​
Sometimes, other molecules interact with the free radicals and​ ​ so these molecules are also turned into free radicals which can disrupt the normal functioning of​ the said molecules. ​
if​ ​ this​ continue to happen, it​ could lead to tissue damage and​ ​ finally, cell destruction. ​

There are even times when the abnormal functioning of​ molecules can lead to certain​ degenerative diseases such as​ Alzheimers disease, rheumatoid arthritis, artherosclerosis, cancer, heart diseases, and​ ​ Parkinsons disease. ​
Humans are quite fortunate because their bodies are equipped with the right defenses in​ order to prevent the free radicals harmful effects.
By eating a​ lot of​ fruits and​ ​ vegetables which contain​ antioxidants, the free radicals are prevented from causing any harm to the human body. ​
Aside from fruits and​ ​ vegetables, you​ can also get antioxidants from green tea. ​
as​ you​ can see, by drinking green tea and​ ​ eating the right amount of​ fruits and​ ​ veggies, you​ can prevent diseases and​ ​ cell damage. ​

The tea plant or​ Camellia Sinensis is popular for​ its antioxidants which fights diseases. ​
The Chinese people have been using the tea plant for​ centuries and​ ​ you​ can usually find green tea in​ every household. ​
The Chinese believe that the tea is a​ very healthy beverage whic promotes good health and​ ​ well being. ​
Aside from China, green tea is also widely used in​ Thailand, India, and​ ​ Japan.
Traditional Chinese and​ ​ Indian medicines usually contain​ green tea because it​ can serve as​ a​ stimulant, an astringent to heal wounds and​ ​ control bleeding, as​ a​ diuretic to promote the excretion​ of​ urine, and​ ​ an agent that can improve the hearts health. ​
Green tea is rich in​ polycatechins which is responsible for​ the many health benefits. ​
The tea also contains other ingredients which further enhance its antioxidising properties. ​

Catechins are powerful antioxidants. ​
Aside from it, green tea contains vitamins C, E, and​ ​ A. ​
it​ also has properties which makes it​ anticarcinogenic, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, and​ ​ antimicrobial. ​
Green tea is well known to prevent cancer because of​ the antioxidant called epigallocatechin​ gallate. ​

Now that you​ know the benefits of​ drinking green tea, dont you​ think its also time that you​ start taking it? Let healing wonders of​ green tea improve your​ overall health. ​
There are now a​ lot of​ green tea products sold in​ the market at ​ very affordable prices. ​
aside from the green tea drinks, you​ can also find health supplements which contain​ extracts of​ green tea. ​
for​ optimum health and​ ​ well being, try to incorporate green tea to you​ diet.
if​ youre trying to lose weight or​ you​ simply want to maintain​ your​ current weight, it​ would also help a​ lot if​ ​ you​ make it​ a​ habit to drink green tea before, during, and​ ​ after meals. ​
But always remember, too much of​ anything can also be harmful. ​
So just take green tea in​ the right amount.

The Antioxidising Benefits Of Green Tea

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