Text Links For Better SEO

Text Links For Better SEO

Let's talk a​ little more about using Text Links for better SEO placement becuase it's a​ very relevant tool that you​ have at​ your disposal and something that you​ should consider exploring.

Working with text links to​ help with your SEO rankings is​ going to​ involve a​ good solid chunk of​ time. So,​ don't think that this is​ an​ easy solution because it's not,​ but it​ is​ solid ... at​ least it​ is​ for now. Here's some search term improvement techniques for you​ to​ take into account:

1. Link Exchanges

Used to​ be everyone was exchanging links with anyone else who give them a​ link. Then Google danced and bamm ... doing that will get you​ lower placement. So,​ you​ have to​ be smart and ONLY exchange links with other domains that are relevant to​ your site's topics. Do that and you​ will see your domain move up the​ ranks.

2. Billboards

This is​ something kind of​ new and is​ working for now until Google bans the​ companies offering this service. I'd say use it​ while it​ works my friend!

Sites using Billboards are noticing significant rank increases. One site recorded the​ following...

Over the​ last 3 months,​ we have added about 20 unique billboards ... We did about 2 per week,​ and every week we would see position moves of​ 1 - 2 positions. This is​ an​ extremely effective tool because it​ gives you​ relevant backlink content on​ different IP's. Take the​ time to​ write good article/news stories and plug your company or​ product. This technique will pay off. Don't believe me? pick an​ obscure term without competition,​ and put up 2 - 5 billboards using the​ term as​ anchor text through-out your BB's and you​ will see position moves within 4 weeks.

The use of​ Billboards is​ currently a​ very good way to​ get your website relevant positioning in​ a​ shorter period of​ time and you​ can do so for reasonable fees. you​ only need to​ pay for Billboard space on​ another's IP for 30 days,​ by then the​ search engine will have found you. Make sure the​ IP is​ spidered by all the​ major search engines regularly. After 30 days,​ you​ can remove your page and go on​ to​ the​ next IP. Keep doing this and you​ will build a​ repository of​ text rich backlinks to​ your own domain. Very yummy search engine food!

3. Text Link Advertising

Text link ads are very affordable for those not wanting to​ dedicate all the​ time it​ takes to​ getting relevant backlinks. Okay,​ here's what I think is​ the​ best strategy with regards to​ buying text links. Most likely that PR8 website isn't going to​ get you​ any higher placement than the​ PR4-PR6 will. That's my opinion,​ others will disagree. My own testing is​ showing Google really doesn't pay much attention to​ their own PR system ... who knew?!

So,​ buy links that are PR4-6 and don't pay over $25 for them ... unless of​ course they happen to​ be mine ... lol. Here again,​ I'd recommend you​ use Linkworth and use their set of​ tools to​ determine the​ worth of​ any link you​ might be considering ... those tools will even help you​ with domains that aren't in​ the​ Linkworth repository ... hint,​ hint!

These types of​ one-way links will really help your placement. if​ you​ can get one-way links from other sources for free,​ go for it​ and make sure they have better PR than you​ do!

4. Content Development

Well now here's a​ novel idea,​ the​ more content you​ ad to​ your website,​ then better your rankings will be ... and go one step further,​ you​ must do so on​ a​ consistant basis ... like every two weeks ad a​ new page.

Ad pages with 250-500 words of​ relevant content and relevant links.

And,​ this is​ really important ... make sure all your webpages have different content by at​ least 40%. Google is​ so smart it​ actually knows if​ you've got the​ same page up on​ the​ domain ... and it​ knows if​ you've got the​ same domain mirrored on​ other domains. you​ have to​ do the​ work!

5. Menu Structure

Make sure the​ search engines can easily spider every page on​ your website. I prefer to​ hard code all my links ... including the​ domain name info. Taking short-cuts only hurts you.

Make sure you​ use keywords in​ your menu links and make sure the​ search engines can easily follow your links from the​ top level to​ the​ second their third levels.

6. Website SEO

Use the​ H1,​ H2 tages and relevant keywords through out the​ site. Keep keyword density around 2-5% ... going over will cause you​ to​ drop in​ the​ ranks. I speak from experience on​ that one.

7. Schedule Regular Updates

Like I said,​ you​ must consistently add new content to​ your website to​ keep the​ search engines well feed and happy. you​ must get down and dirty and do this part,​ if​ you​ don't ... those purchased links aren't going to​ help you​ get all the​ way there.

8. Hurry Up and Wait

It takes time to​ make all these things happen and with each step you​ have to​ sit back and see what result it​ had,​ if​ good then you​ step again. It's like a​ chess game ... really think about your next move and you​ can get to​ the​ top.

And while you're waiting,​ put up a​ page that offers your viewers text links and graphical links back to​ your website ... create a​ "link to​ us" page. It's free! And,​ if​ your website is​ interesting,​ you'd be surprised how many people will link to​ you​ as​ a​ result.

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