Texas Schools Benefit From 9 Million Math Science Grant

Texas Schools Benefit From 9 Million Math Science Grant

in​ July 2018 grants of​ $9 million​ were given to​ Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and​ Mathematics (T-STEM) academics of​ the Texas Schools. The grants will go to​ the creation​ of​ 12 new academies and​ centers in​ the Texas Schools. T-STEM is​ a​ program that provides $71 million​ to​ various math and​ science projects at​ secondary Texas Schools.

The T-STEM project is​ under the umbrella of​ the larger Texas High School Project (THSP), which has the goal of​ increasing graduation​ and​ enrollment rates in​ public Texas Schools. The THSP is​ funded by both public and​ private funds in​ the amount of​ $261 million. Its partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Office of​ the Governor and​ others.

Why Fund Math & Science in​ the Texas Schools?

Concerns that both Texas Schools and​ American students in​ general are falling behind in​ the areas of​ math and​ science have increased greatly with recent technology. Federal mandates from the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act have also added to​ pressure for​ Texas Schools to​ increase academic performance of​ its students in​ these areas. Finally, awareness of​ an​ increasing achievement gap between races and​ economic levels has prompted Texas Schools to​ make these changes.

According to​ Texas Governor Rick Perry, “The T-STEM initiative focuses our efforts where they are needed most- in​ areas where there are a​ high number of​ disadvantaged students who are too often left in​ the shadows of​ opportunity. this​ initiative will help us close the science and​ math gap that exists in​ our schools today before it​ becomes a​ salary gap for​ tomorrow’s workers, and​ an​ opportunity gap for​ Texas families.”

Methods for​ Support and​ Instruction​ in​ the Texas Schools

Funds from both the THSP and​ T-STEM will provide resources, instructional methods, and​ innovative approaches to​ better educate students at​ Texas Schools in​ math and​ science related areas. THSP funds are devoted to​ creating new and​ redesigned Texas high schools, training teachers, and​ preparing students for​ college. The development of​ five new T-Stem centers will give instructional materials to​ the schools, offer training to​ school educators, and​ evaluate best practices that can be recreated in​ other Texas Schools.

Charter schools, small schools, and​ a​ YES College Preparatory Academy will be funded with the three implementation​ grants awarded to​ Texas Schools to​ open T-STEM academies. Four start-up grants have been provided that will give $480,000 to​ four new academies that will open in​ fall of​ 2018. Educators and​ Administrators of​ Texas Schools are hopeful that the launch of​ the T-STEM programs in​ 2018 will reverse the trend of​ the growing achievement gap.

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