Ten Indications That Point To A Rogue SEO Company

Search engine optimizers are everywhere,​ it​ is​ a​ booming business. SEOs as​ they are known help websites in​ numerous ways. They handle writing of​ copy,​ site architecture,​ as​ well as​ submission to​ directories.

With rampant development of​ the​ web and its related services it​ is​ becoming harder and harder to​ separate the​ “wheat from the​ chaff.” Sadly along with genuine SEOs are present unethical or​ rogue SEOs who play the​ game by unfair rules.

You need to​ be savy and think on​ your feet and learn to​ recognize a​ rotten apple quickly. Be wary of​ SEOs who send you​ e-mails unsolicited and make statements about getting you​ no 1 rank on​ large and popular sites like Google,​ Yahoo,​ and so on.

1. If a​ SEO beats around the​ bush and does not lay cards on​ the​ table then the​ company is​ suspect. an​ established SEO will have nothing to​ hide and will utilize only ethical practices. So,​ any SEO should explain with clarity what they will do for you. Never get taken in​ by big statements like “we have special arrangements with x,​y,​ z so your site will get priority listings.” Watch out for misrepresentation of​ the​ SEOs success rate and false promises.

2. Unethical SEOs present what look like impressive lists of​ search engines that your site will appear on. Often many of​ the​ search engines listed will be dead sites. if​ the​ SEO was a​ professional outfit they would make efforts to​ ensure that the​ information they provide will withstand scrutiny.

3. There are companies that are in​ actuality just telemarketing business that will hound you,​ take an​ advance,​ and fail to​ deliver whatever they promise. Beware of​ companies that plague you​ on​ the​ e-mail and phone.

4. SEOs often abuse search engines. They buy links with high page ranks and link the​ site to​ yours. Often the​ link site is​ not of​ quality or​ good content. Practices like this can get your site banned by search engines,​ damaging your reputation. you​ need to​ check the​ references provided by the​ SEO and do a​ market survey to​ establish their credentials and business standing.

5. SEOs who work in​ the​ dark manipulate key word frequency by producing content that is​ nonsensical with the​ correct frequency of​ key words. This is​ done to​ ensure that your ranking improves. Avoid this and determine exactly how the​ SEO is​ going to​ help you.

6. Any SEO that promotes free-for-all links or​ popularity schemes is​ to​ be avoided. These are just meaningless exercises and embellishments of​ a​ grandiose scheme. This will never improve your ranking or​ lead anywhere.

7. Beware of​ SEOs that use shadow domains to​ gather hits. SEOs create and own such domains to​ fulfill false promises.

8. Tools like spyware and scumware are used to​ generate traffic. Generating fake traffic is​ not going to​ do your website any good in​ the​ long run. No business can sustain on​ the​ creation of​ a​ mirage.

9. SEOs club search engine results with pay-per-click and pay-per-inclusion and even place you​ in​ the​ advertising section than in​ the​ search engine itself. Be clear what they are charging you​ for and what the​ SEOs plan of​ action will be.

10. Unscrupulous SEOs even urge customers to​ pay for the​ ability to​ type keywords directly into the​ browsers address bar. Be cautious and never take a​ SEOs claim at​ face value.

Be wise and careful. Do your homework thoroughly and check the​ credentials of​ any SEO you​ are considering. if​ you​ are suspicious check them out. if​ you​ feel you​ are deceived by a​ SEO complaint at​ http://www.ftc.gov/ . And,​ do include a​ money back guarantee in​ your contract.

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