Teaming Up At School Or Work To Lose Weight

Teaming up either at​ school or​ work to​ lose weight may be one of​ the​ best ways to​ accomplish your diet goals according to​ a​ study published in​ the​ Journal of​ Consulting and Clinical Psychology. the​ study followed a​ group of​ friends who partnered up in​ an​ effort to​ lose weight as​ well as​ several individuals with the​ same goals. at​ the​ end of​ the​ study,​ researchers found that people who partnered up were not only more likely to​ complete their diet program but also lose more weight than individuals who dieted without a​ support partner. Furthermore,​ dieting partners were more successful in​ maintaining their weight loss than individuals dieting alone.

So,​ what makes the​ strong difference between dieting with a​ partner and dieting alone? Researchers believe that the​ element of​ social support is​ a​ compelling factor. a​ weight loss partner can provide both the​ moral support and discipline you need to​ stay on​ track.

While just about anyone can serve as​ a​ weight loss partner,​ researchers believe that buddies from school or​ work make better weight loss partners because they are not as​ likely to​ be judgmental as​ family or​ even close friends. in​ addition,​ a​ weight loss partner from school or​ work is​ more likely to​ understand the​ unique frustrations dieters face in​ the​ real eight to​ five world of​ work or​ school.

When making the​ decision to​ team up at​ work or​ school,​ dieters should consider several key factors in​ selecting a​ weight loss partner. One of​ the​ first factors they should consider is​ the​ type of​ weight loss partner that would best suit their needs. For example,​ ask yourself whether you are more in​ need of​ someone to​ work out with you or​ someone to​ help you avoid those tempting dessert laden office parties and the​ ritualistic afternoon snack hour?

You should also consider finding a​ partner who will mesh well with your personality as​ well as​ schedule and location. While you may work at​ the​ same company as​ someone else interested in​ losing weight; if​ your schedules constantly conflict,​ chances are you won’t be able to​ provide much support to​ one another. the​ same is​ true when looking for a​ weight loss partner at​ school; the​ buddy system will work much better if​ your schedules are similar and classes located near one another. Finally,​ be sure to​ look for a​ weight loss partner that is​ not too strict or​ too indulgent in​ their support. Look for someone who will be supportive but firm in​ keeping you on​ track.

When you do find the​ right support partner,​ be sure to​ sit down with them to​ discuss mutual goals. Consider ways in​ which you can support one another in​ your weight loss efforts,​ such as​ these:

• Take turns bringing healthy snacks to​ work/school.
• Set aside a​ time during the​ day when you can discuss progress,​ setbacks and tips.
• Get together to​ visit the​ gym or​ take an​ aerobics class during your lunch hour.
• Exchange low calorie,​ low-fat or​ low-carb recipes.
• Celebrate one another’s victories.

With the​ right amount of​ support and encouragement,​ you may be amazed at​ the​ success you can achieve in​ your weight loss goals.

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