Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks How To Train Your Dog

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks How To Train Your Dog

Whoever said you​ can’t teach an​ old dog new tricks,​ must not have owned a​ dog. if​ dogs are anything,​ they are extremely intelligent and can learn many new things given the​ chance to​ show you. When training your dog,​ keep in​ mind that yelling,​ hitting,​ cursing or​ punishment is​ uncalled for,​ as​ dogs will retreat backwards the​ more they are yelled at. Besides,​ you​ wouldn’t treat a​ child like that and dogs are essentially just little children with tails and four legs!

The first thing to​ learn when training your dog to​ do anything new is​ to​ never change your verbal expression,​ tone or​ volume. if​ you​ say,​ “come here,​ boy” then do not change to​ “Fido,​ come here”. By doing this,​ your dog will become confused and it​ will cause unneeded frustration for both of​ you.

A couple of​ tips to​ take into consideration when training your dog is​ to​ reward him with treats for good behavior,​ however be sure to​ also give a​ lot of​ praise and patting to​ ensure he does not rely totally on​ the​ treats when being good. you​ may also think about enrolling your dog in​ an​ obedience class. Even if​ training is​ going good at​ home,​ this will give him extra practice with interaction between other animals and people.

When training your dog don’t cram everything into one day and expect him to​ remember it. Dogs have short attention spans and will quickly become bored,​ so try to​ keep training time down to​ short sessions throughout the​ day. Here are a​ few of​ the​ easier and more popular commands to​ teach Fido.

• Come- Use a​ toy or​ treat to​ encourage him to​ come towards you. Say “Fido,​ come.” as​ he makes his way towards you,​ praise him. Once he is​ in​ front of​ you,​ hold onto his collar for 30 seconds and then let go.

• Sit- Press gently down on​ his backside and say “sit.” you​ can also hold a​ treat above his head. When a​ dog is​ forced to​ look upward,​ he will automatically sit on​ his hind legs. Just as​ he bends to​ a​ sitting position,​ say “Fido,​ sit.” Remember to​ praise and reward.

• Down- Get your dog into a​ sitting position. Slowly guide his legs straight down in​ front of​ him until he is​ flat. as​ you​ are doing this,​ repeat “Fido,​ down.” Keep him in​ this position for 30 seconds and then praise and treat.

• Stay- Have Fido sit. as​ you​ slowly take a​ couple steps backward,​ say “Fido,​ stay.” Hold your hand out as​ you​ do this,​ palm facing him. if​ he moves from position,​ tell him “no” and return him to​ the​ starting point. if​ he stays,​ praise and treat. Don’t forget to​ find a​ ‘release command’ like “ok”,​ or​ done.” This will tell him it​ is​ okay to​ move.

By using persistence,​ consistency and patience when training your dog,​ you​ will almost effortlessly be able to​ teach new commands and tricks. the​ ‘trick’ for you​ is​ to​ always praise and treat. Start with these easy commands and before long you​ will have him doing somersaults!

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks How To Train Your Dog

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