Taking Care Of Your Computer 7 Useful Tips

Taking Care of​ Your Computer - 7 Useful Tips
There are many reasons why you should take care of​ your computer .​
Number one,​ is​ that it's a​ major investment for most people and you would probably like to​ keep it​ running for as​ long as​ possible .​
There are various things that you can do to​ help prolong the​ life of​ your PC,​ both hardware and software wise .​
It’s always a​ good idea to​ keep your computer clean .​
a​ clean computer runs faster and lasts longer.
Here are some ways to​ clean and maintain the​ software (your operating system) on​ your pc.
1 .​
Run the​ defragmenter utility,​ at​ least once every month or​ two .​
In Windows XP this can be done by going to​ your Start menu,​ then All Programs,​ Accessories,​ System Tools,​ then select Disk Defragmenter .​
The defragmenter will help ensure that your files are located at​ the​ right place on​ the​ hard drive and should boost the​ overall speed of​ your computer .​
2 .​
Clean up old files .​
When you install/uninstall software frequently it​ can leave many unwanted files in​ temporary and system folders .​
In Windows XP,​ you should run the​ Disk Cleanup utility once and a​ while to​ clean things up .​
This utility can be found by clicking the​ Start menu,​ then All Programs Accessories,​ System Tools,​ then select Disk Cleanup
3 .​
Scan for viruses .​
Viruses can cause your computer to​ be slow or​ not work at​ all .​
You should always have a​ good virus scanner installed and keep it​ up to​ date .​
Some well known virus scanners are Norton,​ McAfee,​ and AVG.
4 .​
Scan for other malware .​
Other malware can include spyware,​ adware,​ key loggers,​ and Trojan horses .​
These pieces of​ software can get installed without your knowledge when you install another program or​ visit a​ website .​
They can cause your PC to​ slow down considerably .​
Spybot Search & Destroy and Adaware are two well known malware scanners .​
Here are some ways you can keep your hardware running smoothly.
1 .​
Clean out the​ dust .​
Computers are notorious for accumulating dust .​
Every once and a​ while you should open it​ up and clean it​ out .​
This can be done with a​ vacuum cleaner or​ a​ can of​ dust remover .​
2 .​
Keep your PC cool .​
You should always make sure that you keep your computer in​ a​ well ventilated area .​
By doing this you help keep the​ PC cool and,​ therefore,​ will prolong the​ life of​ your hardware.
3 .​
Buy quality hardware .​
When you buy new components for your PC try and get good quality parts .​
If you get components from respected manufacturers you can be sure that you will get good technical support and the​ parts will be well made and not cause problems with other hardware.
Theses are just a​ few little tips to​ help you keep your computer running for a​ long time .​
There are many other things that can be done but by following these few tips you can be sure that you will reduce future computer problems.

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