Tags And SEO Search Engine Optimization

Clever online marketers are using special characters in​ addition to​ words to​ spice up their page titles. Here are just a​ few examples:

((( San Diego Search Engine Optimization Company )))

: : : Carlsbad Internet Marketing Firm : : :

* * * Interactive Media Advertising Company * * *

| Encinitas Accounting Services |

§ Mortgage Company §

» Wedding Favors by Sweet Reflections «

¤ Amazing Gift Basket ¤

Write a​ Description and Keyword META Tag

META tags are html tags describing a​ web page. the​ META description should be a​ sentence description of​ the​ web page. Historically,​ the​ description was shown in​ search results,​ however,​ it​ is​ less likely the​ case today. it​ is​ still good form to​ have a​ catchy description. Write an​ attention-grabbing description that will grab peoples’ attention. Thin of​ it​ as​ the​ “Call to​ Action” section of​ your html code. Be sure to​ include keywords that are present within the​ page content.

Some search engines may include the​ META description below your hyper linked title within the​ search results page. the​ META keyword section of​ your page should include a​ list of​ keyword phrases relevant to​ the​ page. Instead of​ writing complete sentences,​ you​ should list keywords in​ this section. the​ maximum number of​ characters in​ each should be no more than 255.

Many search engines give META tags little weight,​ but you​ should still include them in​ your site. Some search engine may use them to​ create a​ summary for the​ page. Instead of​ simply indexing sites based on​ META tag information,​ search engines prefer to​ index sites based on​ site content. in​ other words,​ search engines rather index your page based on​ the​ VISIBLE content rather than META tags.

The search engines consider invisible text such as​ content found within tags less trustworthy. Improper use of​ tags could fool search engines in​ the​ past. For example,​ an​ online business could list many keywords that have nothing to​ do with the​ site content in​ an​ effort to​ boost search engine.

Meta tags are not the​ "magic bullet" of​ search engine optimization. Utilizing proper tags will not skyrocket your site to​ the​ top of​ all search page listings,​ but they may improve your standings in​ search engines.

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