Surgery To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Surgery To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Statistically,​ obesity is​ on​ the​ rise in​ our culture. if​ you have tackled your weight problem,​ you may have to​ consider cosmetic surgical intervention to​ address any excess or​ stretched skin.

Surgery to​ Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

If you've ever lost a​ great deal of​ weight,​ you may have realized some not-so-pleasant changes to​ your body. Losing weight can cause ripples and wrinkles in​ your skin,​ sagging body parts,​ and skin folds - just to​ name a​ few after effects. For some people,​ these cosmetic changes may seem like a​ small price to​ pay for losing weight and making their body healthier. For other people,​ however,​ the​ changes in​ their skin and other effects may be too much – sometimes even causing physical problems. For those people,​ surgical intervention may be an​ option.

When you think of​ cosmetic surgery,​ you might only think of​ procedures such as​ face lifts and rhinoplasty. There are many other procedures that can be done to​ sculpt the​ body as​ well,​ and these procedures are often what those who have lost a​ lot of​ weight must have performed. One such surgery is​ abdominoplasty,​ which is​ commonly known as​ a​ tummy tuck. in​ this procedure,​ excess skin is​ removed and tightened in​ the​ stomach area. For patients who have lost weight and ended up with a​ large flap of​ skin overhanging their stomach,​ abdominoplasty can help by removing this excess stretched skin. the​ patient can then obtain a​ smoother,​ thinner appearance to​ their abdomen.

Another type of​ cosmetic surgery that is​ commonly performed is​ a​ breast lift. When a​ woman loses a​ massive amount of​ weight,​ she not only loses it​ in​ her stomach,​ thighs and buttocks. She will also lose weight in​ her breasts,​ which can cause them to​ become droopy. a​ breast lift can help to​ restore a​ more attractive appearance to​ a​ woman's breasts,​ by removing excess skin and tightening the​ muscles around the​ area. the​ nipple may need to​ be repositioned,​ and the​ surgeon can also change the​ way that the​ breast “drapes”,​ to​ give it​ a​ more youthful and natural look.

A final type of​ cosmetic surgery that can be useful is​ liposuction. Liposuction is​ the​ removal of​ fat deposits under the​ skin by using a​ cannula which vacuums out the​ fat through a​ small incision. Liposuction can be useful to​ people who have lost most of​ the​ weight that they have wanted to​ lose,​ but are unable to​ lose fat from certain areas. the​ liposuction technique can be used to​ remove the​ fat in​ these areas,​ but should not be used to​ get rid of​ large amounts of​ fat all over the​ body.

Cosmetic surgery after weight loss can be a​ great tool to​ make patients who have endured losing weight feel even better about themselves. You’ve worked hard to​ lose the​ weight,​ now you can tune up your body for that perfect look.

Surgery To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

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