Successful Weight Loss

Successful Weight Loss

Over the​ years,​ I have been lucky not to​ have had to​ worry too much about my weight. I have played a​ lot of​ sport,​ and kept myself healthy. at​ the​ age of​ 40,​ I was still actively involved in​ squash,​ tennis and golf,​ although the​ latter 2 were not as​ strenuous as​ squash. at​ the​ age of​ 41,​ I gave up competitive squash,​ and over the​ next 6 months put on​ over 5 kg’s (11 pounds). By my early 50’s,​ I was about 84kg (185lb),​ diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes,​ depressed,​ and wondering where my life was going. at​ only 170cm (5’8”),​ my BMI was much too high. I had to​ find a​ way to​ slim down.

After getting the​ doctors advice on​ my diabetes,​ I started to​ try to​ do the​ right thing and lose weight. I ate a​ diet of​ cardboard and grass,​ or​ if​ you will,​ crackers and salad. I tried to​ starve,​ ate just protein,​ all the​ usual fads,​ and lost a​ bit. Christmas came around and I was back to​ top weight and again feeling depressed. After trying all sorts of​ diets,​ I would always fail. I then began to​ understand that losing weight was not an​ easy thing to​ do. I have subsequently read how many people embark on​ diets,​ and how many fail to​ lose weight,​ or​ simply stack the​ weight back on​ after the​ diet is​ over. I was one of​ them.

It became apparent that the​ only way I was going to​ succeed was to​ change my mindset. I began to​ see that there was no miracle diet. I had to​ reduce my calorie intake or​ burn more calories through work or​ exercise. I began to​ read as​ much as​ I could on​ the​ subject,​ and the​ internet was a​ fabulous tool. a​ great resource is​ where there are over 1400 pages of​ information. There is​ also a​ lot of​ diet information there. I became a​ bit of​ an​ expert,​ especially as​ I began to​ lose more weight. I found that providing I cut out the​ saturated fats,​ and cut down (not out) desserts,​ and ate smaller meals I continued to​ lose weight. I cut down beer,​ and drank mostly wine. in​ essence,​ I continued to​ enjoy all the​ foods I had previously enjoyed,​ but with the​ motto,​ everything in​ moderation.

A simple exercise regime was begun; I walked for just 40 minutes a​ day,​ 4 days per week. I play golf at​ least once per week,​ and during the​ warmer months,​ tennis once a​ week. This is​ not body breaking stuff. the​ reality of​ all this is​ that with serious diabetes or​ obesity,​ you can lie around all day and night in​ a​ cemetery if​ you do not confront your weight problems.

Now at​ the​ age of​ 55,​ I am down to​ 75kg (165lbs),​ the​ last blood test showed I was no longer diabetic,​ and I feel better in​ myself. While I know diabetes cannot be cured,​ I firmly believe that it​ can be controlled by controlling your weight,​ and in​ particular,​ your fat percentages.

I also firmly believe that information is​ king and you can never have too much information. Sites like can be of​ great use. Obesity is​ a​ health hazard,​ so let’s beat it.

Successful Weight Loss

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