Successful Weight Loss Program

Successful Weight Loss Program

Are you on​ the​ look out for a​ successful weight loss program or​ for a​ diet that works. This article gives free tips on​ how to​ lose those excess pounds,​ I hope you enjoy the​ read.

My name is​ Steve Hill and I have had many problems with my weight throughout my life. I must admit that I was basically fat up until a​ few years ago. I was not happy being over-weight and it​ certainly affected my confidence and self esteem. I eventually decided that I had had enough and went about finding a​ way of​ obtaining a​ weight that I would be happy and comfortable with.

I was aware that most people would advise me to​ alter my eating habits,​ I was the​ kind of​ person why enjoyed eating fatty types of​ foods,​ especially all forms of​ fast food,​ especially pizzas and chips. They would also probably advise me to​ a​ join a​ gym,​ however I believed that I would not feel comfortable in​ gyms as​ they seem to​ be full of​ of thin people.

I considered and read about lots of​ weight loss programs but eventually decided that I needed my own form of​ diet.

I was not prepared to​ give up all of​ my favourite foods and this was my plan:

For breakfast I would eat something which most people would class as​ healthy food,​ which would be cerial or​ toast. I would have a​ fairly light lunch,​ such as​ a​ sandwich,​ however for my evening meal I decided that I could eat whatever I wanted. the​ main thing and most difficult to​ implement would be the​ fact that I could no longer eat between meals. the​ snacks had to​ go!. I am not trying to​ say that this was easy to​ do,​ however I had a​ need and was determined to​ lose the​ weight.

For exercise I decided to​ leave the​ car at​ home,​ wherever possible,​ and walk far more than I ever had done. I also started taking my children to​ the​ park at​ least twice a​ week. at​ the​ park we​ would play games such as​ football,​ cricket and baseball. it​ is​ amazing how much weight you can lose by having fun.

Successful Weight Loss Program

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