Successful Internet Businesses Develop A Network

It seems like just the​ other day we were aimlessly browsing the​ web in​ search of​ free and low-cost methods for posting our website links and ads. FFL (free-for-all) pages and classifieds were bombarded with eager entrepreneurs looking for quick and easy exposure.

It was about posting a​ few ads,​ submitting to​ search engines and making a​ few link exchanges. After the​ hard work we would sit back with excitement knowing hundreds of​ new visitors were on​ the​ way. Unfortunately,​ the​ visitors never showed so we moved on​ to​ banner and link exchanges.

Around that time banner ads were a​ fortune and website submission services were making bundles of​ profit. Many search engines were backlogged with submissions for weeks and sometimes even months.

Was anyone working in​ partnership during this time?

Today it’s hard to​ miss the​ harmony of​ ecommerce entrepreneurs building new relationships. Smart business owners are no longer wasting time submitting their websites to​ free classifieds or​ spending their budgets on​ URL submissions to​ hundreds of​ useless search engines.

Instead,​ business owners are working together in​ community-oriented ways. it​ is​ easily seen by the​ emergence of​ discussion forums,​ blogs,​ RSS feeds and the​ overall increase in​ sharing of​ information. Today,​ it’s about networking with each other.

Networking involves the​ creation of​ a​ supportive system of​ sharing information and services with other individuals and groups having a​ common interest. Not only is​ networking a​ vital part of​ online marketing,​ it​ is​ probably the​ most important skill for ensuring a​ successful online business. if​ you​ are not networking,​ you​ have no chance of​ making or​ building business relationships. if​ your company has no relationships than obviously no one is​ caring about it.

So,​ what can be done to​ improve networking skills? Here are several helpful business networking tips and resources.

Create a​ website.
Hopefully you​ have done this already.

Develop an​ ezine.
This is​ the​ same as​ an​ email newsletter. you​ can send it​ out weekly,​ monthly or​ quarterly – but you​ should be consistent.

Join affiliate programs.
Focus on​ developing a​ strong network of​ users willing to​ distribute your products and/or services.

Use pod and web casts.
These tools offer a​ great way to​ develop new relationships.

Create and distribute a​ press release.
Don’t underestimate the​ power of​ sending out a​ press release. They can bring in​ many new contacts.

Survey your website visitors.
Create a​ brief form linked from your home-page for users to​ easily provide feedback.

Install blogs and forums at​ your website.
Encourage free ways visitors can discuss ideas,​ share information and collaborate.

Join business networking sites.
The following sites will help you​ locate new contacts. Pick and focus on​ 3-5 that are most ideal for your target market.,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​

Join a​ club.
It doesn’t matter which one as​ long as​ you​ enjoy it.

A few things to​ remember while building your network:

It’s all over the​ internet – you​ simply need to​ absorb it. Read… read… and then read some more!

The more knowledge you​ have the​ more you​ can share. the​ more valuable information you​ can share the​ more positive relationships you​ will create. Strong relationships are the​ foundation to​ a​ powerful identity.

-be memorable and interesting
-be accurate and fair
-follow up with all of​ your contacts
-stay patient
-navigate and explore


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