Subtle Email Marketing

Subtle Email Marketing
Everyday Internet users receive tons of​ emails telling them to​ buy certain products or​ visit particular websites .​
While these emails arrive in​ the​ inboxes of​ unsuspecting Internet users each day,​ most of​ them pay very little attention to​ these emails .​
That is​ because emails which are blatant advertisements are often viewed as​ spam .​
Most Internet users have very little tolerance for spam .​
Reactions to​ spam tend to​ range from simply ignoring the​ emails and having the​ email addresses blocked from sending future emails to​ reporting the​ emails to​ their Internet service provider for further investigation .​
We realize many Internet marketers have difficulty keeping their email marketing subtle .​
Therefore this article will provide some useful information on​ how email marketing can be kept subtle so it​ is​ not viewed as​ spam.
One of​ the​ most important criteria for ensuring your email marketing is​ subtle and will not be viewed as​ spam is​ to​ provide something of​ quality to​ the​ recipients .​
This may include insightful articles,​ interesting quizzes or​ other useful facts which members of​ the​ target audience are likely to​ find useful .​
When email recipients realize an​ email they received is​ offering them something worthwhile such as​ knowledge or​ information about a​ particular niche subject they are much more likely to​ spend some time reviewing the​ email because they will not consider the​ email to​ be spam .​
In addition to​ using the​ creation of​ this copy to​ convince recipients that the​ email is​ not spam,​ the​ business owners can also take advantage of​ this copy by providing subtle advertising .​
This may include product references in​ the​ articles or​ links to​ your website throughout the​ email .​
Avoiding language which makes outrageous claims can also help to​ keep advertising quite subtle .​
Using superlatives and describing the​ greatness of​ specific products is​ likely to​ be viewed as​ blatant advertising .​
When this happens,​ it​ is​ not likely that website owners will believe there is​ validity in​ anything contained within the​ email because they will believe the​ entire email is​ simply one big advertisement for your products or​ services .​
Another way to​ keep advertising subtle when running an​ email marketing campaign is​ to​ only send your email to​ those who are likely to​ be extremely interested in​ your products and services .​
This is​ important because when email recipients receive an​ email which does not reflect their interests at​ all,​ they are not likely to​ take the​ email serious and may view the​ email as​ a​ blatant advertisement .​
However,​ when the​ email is​ only sent to​ those who share a​ common interest the​ email seems more personalized .​
In this case the​ email recipients are not likely to​ view every product reference as​ a​ blatant advertisement because they understand there is​ sometimes a​ need to​ mention products or​ services.
Finally email marketing remains subtle when the​ content of​ the​ email is​ written as​ though it​ is​ not coming directly from the​ business owner .​
The copy may speak about the​ products and services as​ though they are being offered by a​ third party .​
This make the​ advertising seem more subtle because it​ does not appear to​ come directly from the​ business owner .​
Finally,​ business owners can help to​ ensure their email marketing efforts are not viewed as​ blatant advertisements by keeping reference to​ your own website to​ an​ absolute minimum .​
Most Internet users often view links from one website to​ another strictly as​ an​ advertisement .​
For this reason it​ might be worthwhile for business owners who are marketing an​ email campaign to​ keep links to​ a​ minimum and to​ carefully weave these links into even the​ most quite benign copy .​
The links should be provided as​ though they were only included to​ provide you​ with an​ opportunity to​ learn more about the​ products and not as​ a​ way to​ encourage you​ to​ purchase these products .​
It might be worthwhile to​ consider hiring a​ writer with this type of​ experience to​ ensure the​ copy conveys the​ desired message and has the​ desired effect on​ the​ email recipients .​

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