Submissive Urination With A Young Dog

Submissive Urination With A Young Dog

I have an​ eleven month old English Springer Spaniel "Rio". For the​ past nine months I have been using clicker training,​ the​ gentle leader,​ and various other methods with no success. the​ trainer who was helping me told me our dog was untrainable,​ which I didn't believe because she is​ so smart.

I purchased an​ electronic collar [not necessary,​ but sure makes training faster and life easier!] and a​ pinch collar per your advice.

Within two days I have a​ well behaved dog. She walks at​ my side,​ she is​ no longer running wild all over the​ house and jumping on​ all the​ furniture. She is​ so good,​ she sits in​ my lap at​ night,​ she no longer jumps on​ the​ counters.

Thank you​ again.

I still have one problem with Rio. She has submissive urination. She is​ out growing it. She probably only has an​ accident every 2 weeks. Usually when I put the​ leash on​ her to​ take her for a​ walk. Do you​ have any suggestions how to​ solve this problem permanently?

Maryann and "Rio"

Dear Maryann:

Excellent! I'm always happy to​ hear stories like this.

Regarding the​ submissive urination: if​ you've already confirmed that your dog doesn't have a​ bladder or​ urinary tract infection (unlikely) & then all you​ can really do is​ ignore the​ submissive urination. She will grow out of​ this. it​ usually happens when a​ young dog gets excited,​ and very often,​ the​ dog isn't even aware the​ she is​ doing it. Which makes it​ impossible to​ correct.

For now,​ just try keeping the​ dog calm until you're outside. She will outgrow this behavior. it​ really has nothing to​ do with housebreaking.

To read about the​ book she's referring to,​ take a​ look at:

That's all for now,​ folks!

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