Submissions As An Evergreen SEO Strategy

Ask any webmaster and they will have tried their hand at​ submissions to​ optimize their websites placement in​ search engines. But what is​ the​ fuss all about? Do submissions actually yield better search engine placement. Let us try to​ dissect this issue.

I do not like automated submissions as​ they lead to​ spam,​ so let us talk about manual submission. There are primarily 2 types of​ manual submissions:

Manual Directory Submissions

In this type of​ submission,​ you​ go ahead and fill up forms set up by web directories. a​ web directory is​ to​ websites what a​ phone directory is​ to​ phone numbers. Web directories can be free or​ paid. I have found that there are many free web directories and a​ few exceptionally good paid ones. Also,​ though most web directories are generic,​ some are niche web directories -- for instance I have seen legal web directories,​ real estate web directories,​ health web directories and what have you. My experience is​ that manual directory submissions do not help in​ raising the​ search engine ranks of​ the​ websites significantly. But,​ they can certainly help search engines in​ understanding the​ theme of​ the​ website. This is​ primarily because your site will be listed in​ the​ directory on​ a​ page that is​ about tightly related sites.

Manual Article Submissions

Quite naturally,​ I am a​ fan of​ manual article submissions. I say that as​ I am creating this article for exclusive distribution by article submission sites. That you​ are reading this article is​ testament to​ the​ fact that word does go out and you​ can gain popularity by submitting articles to​ article submission sites. But,​ there are a​ couple of​ ifs and buts. First of​ all,​ the​ world of​ article sites is​ quite lopsided. For every good article directory there are a​ hundred junk sites. Make sure to​ do your research to​ ensure that you​ are not stuck with the​ junk kind. Second,​ if​ at​ all possible,​ try to​ submit unique articles to​ different article sites. at​ least make them a​ little different. the​ reason for this is​ that search engines such as​ Google have become very smart. They are able to​ read the​ same article on​ different sites and despite some of​ the​ surrounding text being different; they are able to​ tell that the​ article is​ a​ duplicate. What these search engines do is​ to​ relegate these duplicate pages to​ a​ supplemental or​ lower priority index. Hence the​ links on​ these pages will also get much less benefit.

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