Student Loans Don T Bother Me I M Eccentric

Student Loans? Don't Bother Me .​
I'm Eccentric.
Do you​ really see yourself as​ eccentric? asked my boss incredulously .​
Yes .​
I​ replied - Eccentric means away from the​ centre,​ which means that I​ don't follow all the​ other sheep.
How it​ Began
Probably it​ all began when I​ was in​ my teens and found a​ book that showed me the​ easy way to​ write essays .​
Always think what everyone else will write and make your essay as​ outrageously different as​ you​ can .​
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It was such fun being outrageous that it​ spread to​ my everyday life .​
Often the​ outrageous ideas I​ thought of​ made more sense than the​ conventional thinking.
Soon people started to​ accept me as​ an​ eccentric.
Immediate advantages of​ being a​ known eccentric
* you​ don't offend people .​
Everyone shrugs and says It's just Ian!
* you​ can say no whenever you​ like.
* you​ no longer have to​ keep up with the​ Joneses .​
You set your own targets.
How being eccentric saves on​ student loans
I had a​ pushbike instead of​ a​ car like all the​ other students .​
I​ didn't need student loans .​
I​ set my own standards .​
The Joneses didn't drive me to​ student loans.
When I​ needed textbooks I​ bought them second-hand,​ but decided for myself if​ the​ book was really necessary .​
After all,​ if​ I​ read the​ book in​ the​ library I​ wouldn't have to​ pay for it,​ and student loans would be kept at​ bay.
I'm eccentric - remember? So I​ don't have to​ follow your expensive pastimes .​
I​ chose free pastimes .​
No need for student loans if​ I​ keep to​ free .​
What's that? Didn't I​ get bored with nothing to​ do? Far from it! Four times in​ my life I've had so many pastimes that I've had to​ prune the​ list drastically.
Each Saturday I​ joined other young folk cycling round the​ countryside .​
I​ usually repaired their punctures,​ because I​ had the​ tools and it​ cost me next to​ nothing .​
I​ toured England,​ Scotland and Wales during my holidays with no fuel costs at​ all for my pushbike,​ so no student loans were needed.
Sports: Of course I​ needed some eccentric sports to​ keep fit,​ so I​ took up croquet,​ fives,​ table-tennis,​ 7-mile cross-country running,​ hill-walking .​
No need for student loans because it​ was all free,​ and so were the​ games that I​ played such as​ chess.
Each evening I​ had to​ make time to​ go out with my date,​ so had to​ push through my one-hour harmonium rehearsal,​ and one-hour violin rehearsal,​ and do my homework,​ and play some table-tennis,​ and read library books,​ and eat .​
Fortunately none of​ that needed a​ student loan - even my date .​
Remember,​ I​ am eccentric,​ so my date had to​ go along with me,​ or​ find someone else.
I didn't need student loans for my furniture .​
My boss said later that I'd furnished my entire house for less that he paid for his bed .​
Auction prices were so low that the​ main cost was in​ carting the​ stuff home.
Student union? No I'm eccentric .​
Horse-racing pool? No I'm eccentric .​
Join a​ student protest rally? No I'm eccentric.
Each time students were browbeaten into something expensive because everyone else is​ doing it​ they didn't even bother to​ ask me because I​ was eccentric .​
Far from needing student loans,​ I​ saved money from my government scholarship .​
Then I​ took holiday jobs for extra money.
One day the​ unemployment officer showed me a​ job which nobody will want .​
I​ grabbed it​ immediately because it​ sounded different .​
I​ was working alone on​ a​ farm,​ 6 miles from my boss and was snowed-up most of​ the​ winter so that my boss couldn't get through to​ me .​
It was there that I​ learned to​ trap rabbits,​ skin them,​ cure them,​ train dogs,​ cook,​ hand-milk cows,​ make cheese - well what else is​ there to​ do when you're snowed up?
I bumped into the​ employment officer a​ couple of​ months later and he said You're not still on​ that terrible job are you? I​ hastened to​ reassure him that it​ was great .​
He must have thought that I​ was eccentric or​ something.
Why does being eccentric avoid student loans?
* I​ don't mind buying seconds or​ second-hand from the​ op-shop or​ Salvation Army.
* Anything free is​ great.
* I'm not proud .​
People give me lifts in​ cars because I'm too eccentric to​ have one of​ my own .​
I​ used to​ hitch-hike before it​ got dangerous .​
People give me cast-off clothing - well only an​ eccentric would wear it!
* Naturally I​ hunted for a​ scholarship until I​ found one .​
Everyone else may have student loans,​ but I'm eccentric.
* Everyone else has one so out comes the​ credit card .​
Not me .​
I'm eccentric .​
Credit cards can charge more than one fifth of​ your loan per year,​ making them the​ most expensive of​ student loans.
* Giving gifts needs more student loans .​
I'm eccentric .​
Something for 50cents from the​ Salvation army can make a​ great gift .​
Keep buying through the​ year then wrap up your treasure trove at​ Christmas and hand deliver to​ avoid paying postage .​
Yes - they'll all know what you're doing,​ but it's just Ian and you're eccentric,​ remember?

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